Save lives. Dodge artillery fire.

A cooperative battlefield board game for 2 to 5 players.

Coming to Kickstarter in 2021.

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People are dying on the battlefield. You're a volunteer combat medic and your mission is to save them regardless of which side they're on. You’re unarmed with nothing to protect you but the medical insignia on your uniform. Soldiers will respect this, but may still push you around. Avoid them if you can. Watch out for artillery fire and work fast because the wounded can’t survive long without care. Lose too many lives and your team will be demoralized. Save more than you lose and get your team off the battlefield safely – that's the goal. Are you up for the challenge?


Some lives will be lost. What matters is the ones you can save.


Wounded soldiers' health deteriorates every turn.


Get there, stabilize, and carry them to safety.


Avoid soldiers and find cover from artillery fire or end up wounded yourself.


One more wounded soldier saved. Now get back out there and save another!

GamePLAY Overview

Medic! is a Euro-style cooperative game thrusting players on to a battlefield in the middle of a rapidly escalating conflict. Each player controls a medic who must criss-cross the board picking up the wounded and transporting them to medical stations on either side. Players must make difficult decisions, like which wounded soldiers to save and whether to seek cover from artillery or move more quickly in the open. Artillery fire lands consistently with the occasional barrage wreaking havoc and potentially increasing the number of wounded dramatically.


Cooperation is critical as each medic brings specific expertise that will help if utilized effectively. As the battle unfolds, more soldiers rush in blocking movement and, when artillery fire or opposing soldiers are encountered, adding to the number of wounded. Once a soldier is injured, the clock starts ticking and players have just six turns to get to them before they bleed-out. 15 lives lost and the game ends in defeat. 15 lives saved and all medics off the battlefield: that's a job well done.