A darknet service that facilitates malware in Android apps

A darknet service that facilitates malware in Android apps: Cyber security researchers have discovered a new malware campaign that aims to compromise both Windows and Android computers.

The Hacker News reports that malware including the widely-known Android banking trojan ERMAC and information-stealing spyware like Erbium, Aurora, and Laplas are being used in this operation.

According to ThreatFabric, the cybersecurity firm that provided the report to The Hacker News, “thousands of victims” have already fallen prey to the operation.

More than 1,300 individuals’ information was stolen by the erbium thief.

According to research conducted by ThreatFabric, the Zombinder dark web platform has been exploited by cybercriminals to link malware to legitimate apps, with victims in countries as far-flung as Spain, Portugal, Canada, and more.

A darknet service that facilitates malware in Android apps

Darknet service allowing hackers to infect Android apps with malware

The most concerning aspect of this situation is the malware’s distribution method. Many popular Android apps, including Instagram, were found to be compromised with malware, according to research conducted by ThreatFabric.

Based on what they saw, ThreatFabric concluded that the bad guys “used a third-party service provided on darknet to ‘glue’ or bind dropper capabilities to a legitimate application.”

“Once the bound app has been downloaded, it will function normally unless an update notification is displayed. Upon confirmation, the update, which is actually just Ermac disguised as a legitimate update, will be installed on the victim’s computer “An update was made to include ThreatFabric.

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