Airport Tycoon Codes (february 2023): Get Free Rewards

Airport Tycoon Codes: Your goal in Airport Tycoon is to build the world’s finest airport. You’ll have to start from scratch, but your consistent passive revenue will allow you to quickly invest in infrastructure and a growing workforce. Your dream airport is within reach! You can then go to the skies in your newly acquired airplanes, sail the seas in search of uncharted islands, and much more!

The most up-to-date list of Twitter codes redeemable for free in-game cash can be found on our Roblox Airport Tycoon Codes List. After spending this money on a wide range of improvements that will bring in money on their own, the airport can be updated quickly and easily.

Airport Tycoon Codes

Airport Tycoon Codes (Active)

Here’s a look at all the currently available codes in Airport Tycoon.

  • GIFT—Redeem for 200k Cash (New)
  • PRIZE—Redeem for 200k Cash
  • USA—Redeem for 300k Cash
  • FREEGEMS—Redeem for 6k Gems
  • NEWCODE—Redeem for 300k Cash
  • 30K—Redeem for 3k Gems
  • FREECASH—Redeem for 200K Cash
  • FREEMOOLAH—Redeem for 40K Cash
  • BONUS—Redeem for 200K Cash
  • MILLION—Redeem for 1 Million Cash
  • ATDISCORD—Redeem for 50K Cash
  • CASHPASS—Redeem for 220K Cash
  • WHALETUBE—Redeem for 100K Cash
  • OSCAR—Redeem for 123,456 Cash
  • BLOXYCOLA—Redeem for 30K Cash
  • CLIFFHANGER—Redeem for 30K Cash
  • INSTA—Redeem for 50K Cash 
  • MEGAWHALE—Redeem for 40K Cash
  • ROCKET—Redeem for 50K Cash
  • FIREBALL—Redeem for 30K Cash
  • CHIP—Redeem for 10K Cash

Airport Tycoon Codes (Expired)

Here’s all the expired codes for Airport Tycoon.

  • 300MIL—Redeem for 300K Cash
  • NEWYEAR—Redeem for 200K Cash
  • XMAS—Redeem for 300K Cash
  • blimp—Redeem for 200K Cash
  • 365KCASH
  • 355KFREE—Redeem for Cash
  • 340KCASH
  • 330KLIKES
  • FREEMOOLAH—Redeem for 40,000 Cash
  • 300KLIKES—Redeem for 300,000 Cash
  • JUNE—Redeem for 300,000 Cash
  • 20K—Redeem for 300,000 Cash
  • 2021—Redeem for 202,100 Cash
  • UPDATE8—Receive 200,000 Cash
  • MERRYXMAS—Redeem for 100,000 Cash
  • ERACE—Redeem for free Cash
  • HALLOW—Redeem for 66,666 Cash
  • WARTHOG—Redeem for free Cash
  • UPDATE5—Redeem for 50,000 Cash
  • TREAT—Redeem for 33,333 Cash
  • XBOX—Redeem for free Cash
  • 100MIL—Redeem for free Cash
  • 50MIL—Redeem for 50,000 Cash
  • BLUEWHALE—Redeem for 40,000 Cash
  • BOATS—Redeem for 20,000 Cash
  • MOBILE—Redeem for 15,000 Cash
  • SUSHI—Redeem for 20,000 Cash
  • AIRPORT—Redeem for 15,000 Cash

How to Use Roblox Airport Tycoon Codes

Just follow the steps below to use any active Roblox Airport Tycoon codes:

  • Open Roblox Airport Tycoon on your device.
  • Look on the left side of the screen for a Twitter icon.
  • If you click it, a box will appear where you can enter the code.
  • Copy a code exactly as it is written in the list.
  • Just copy it and paste it into the box that says “Type your code here.”
  • Last, click the button that says “Redeem,” and have fun!

I need more Airport Tycoon codes; where can I find them?

Among the best ways to obtain additional codes is to follow the game’s developers, Fat Whale Games, on Twitter. If a new code comes out, this website will be updated, so save it and check back often.

We apologize, but those are all the cheats for Roblox Airport Tycoon that we know of right now. Please mention in the comments any that you think we’ve missed so that we can add them immediately.

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