All Draugr Holes Locations In God of War Ragnarok

All Draugr Holes Locations In God of War Ragnarok: Hello, everyone! If you’re looking for all Draugr locations in God of War: Raganork, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll go over all the important locations where you can get all Draugr. Draugr Pits, also called Draugr Holes, are side quests that players can look for and finish. Here is a short list of all the Draugr pits in God of War: Ragnarok.

All Draugr Holes Locations In God of War Ragnarok

All Draugr Holes Locations In God of War Ragnarok

All Draugr Holes Locations In God of War Ragnarok: In God of War: Ragnarok, you’ll find a total of six Draugr Holes. All of them are accessible via geographical exploration, although the most majority are only unlocked through the game’s narrative. If players are having trouble tracking down a specific Draugr Hole on the list below, they should complete the main plot missions first.

The six different Draugr Holes can be found in the game’s six different realms. Here’s what they are:


There is just one Draugr Hole in the region, much like in Alfheim. It is located northeast of Tyr’s Temple, beneath a cliff. However, until they make their first trip to Vanaheim in God of War: Ragnarok, they won’t be able to access Midgard.


In Alfheim, there is only one Draugr Hole, which can be reached after exploring the Tower of Light with Tyr. After they’ve looked around the Tower, they’ll be able to go to a place called “The Barrens.” A side quest called “The Secret of the Sands” should be available here.

Once this quest is done, players will be able to go to the southwest part of the map. On top of a cliff, you can find the third Draugr Hole.


In the town of Svartalfheim, there are two Draugr Holes. The first one is in the Bay of Bounty area, near the Watchtower. This is the first pit that players will see when they start playing. When it comes to exploring, this is available right from the start. The ones that come after this one need to move the story along.

The Applecore is where the second Draugr Hole in this area can be found. While helping Tyr get out of jail, players will be able to find this. Instead of breaking him out of his cell, they need to turn left and hug the wall as they move toward the end of the corridor. The pit should be in a room on the corridor’s right side.


There are two Draugr Holes to find in Vanaheim. The first one can be found to the left of the huts in the Abandoned Village. You can get to this area as you try to break Freya’s curse.

This area’s second Draugr Hole is probably the last one players will see in the game. It is in The Plains, but they can’t get there until they finish the quests Scent of Survival and Return of the River.

Once they have finished these two quests, they will be able to take a boat to the middle of the river and reach the Draugr Hole in this part of God of War: Ragnarok.

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