Archer Queen Clash of Clans: Fighting Strategies & Trivia

Archer Queen (Clash of Clans): This beautiful huntress is a master of destructive force, but she isn’t very healthy. “She snipes at enemies in her territory when she’s defending, and once her Royal Cloak ability is unlocked, she can use it to attack in stealth and deal horrifying damage.”

Archer Queen (Clash of Clans)

To put it simply, the Archer Queen is an enhanced version of the Archer. When she is unlocked at Level 9 of Town Hall, she becomes the second Hero. The Archer Queen is not only more powerful and resilient than a regular Archer, but she also has a significantly greater range of 1.5 tiles (5 tiles instead of 3.5 tiles).

Archer Queen Clash of Clans

The Archer Queen fires three arrows in quick succession. However, this arrow only hurts one thing at a time.
Once the Archer Queen Altar has been built (at a cost of 10,000 Dark Elixir), she is immediately summoned.

Due to her everlasting nature, the Archer Queen only needs to be summoned once. However, she must rest for a while to recover her health if she is hurt or defeated in an attack.

When she isn’t resting to recover from an attack, the Archer Queen will be guarding the village. If the Archer Queen is drawn too far from her altar, she will abandon the area and flee. Her altar will remain unattended if the village is attacked while she is regenerating health or being upgraded.

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Archer Queen (Clash of Clans) : Fighting Strategies

Offensive Strategy

  • During raids, the four heroes of Home Village each play a unique role. The Archer Queen specializes in doing damage, the Barbarian King in tanking, the Grand Warden in providing support, and the Royal Champion in providing defense. Use her as cover while the Archer Queen does her damage from behind the Barbarian King.
  • Since the Archer Queen’s range is greater than that of an ordinary archer (five rather than three and a half tiles), it is recommended that she be deployed after a meat shield of giants, pekkas, golems, or the barbarian king. Since her chances of being defeated or hit are reduced in this way, you may be able to employ her repeatedly without needing to let her health bar recharge.
  • When used in raids, an Archer Queen with the Royal Cloak Ability can help clear out structures at a 50% bonus. Just as the damage bar nears 50%, send out your Archer Queen and activate her ability so that she can wipe out a couple more buildings without taking any harm.

Defensive Strategy: Archer Queen (Clash of Clans)

  • Despite having far less health than the Barbarian King, the Archer Queen is more suited for defense due to her faster assaults and heavier hits, as well as her ability to attack from a greater range (and even strike air units). When setting up an altar for the Queen, she must be kept at least three to four squares away from the nearest wall so that she cannot be ambushed by melee units.
  • Make sure your most important defenses are at least five tiles away from any open area, or the queen will be able to snipe them easily.
  • Avoid having your opponent use Electrone or Blizzard to demolish both your Eagle Artillery and the Queen’s altar at the same time.

Against an Archer Queen (Clash of Clans)

  • If you’re up against an Archer Queen, bringing in another one might be your best bet. If the opposing Queen has triggered her Royal Cloak ability, she is vulnerable to a Queen Walk or an Archer Queen behind a tank troop.
  • While tanking troops have their uses, they are no match for an Archer Queen. A fully leveled Golem, for instance, has a 10%-11% chance of surviving versus an equally fully leveled Archer Queen, barring any other protections that may be aimed at it.
  • Unless adjacent defenses or the defending Clan Castle warriors or Barbarian King are also attacking him, the Barbarian King alone will be sufficient to defeat the Archer Queen if you are utilizing a similar level and employing the Barbarian King as a tank. By using his power, the King can quickly dispatch of the Queen.
  • A Barbarian King can be used to kill an Archer Queen if she is located within the base’s perimeter. If your king is low level, you may need to activate the King’s Ability.

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Archer Queen (Clash of Clans) Trivia

  • When the Archer Queen uses her Royal Cloak ability, her normally Elixir-like arrows turn a blazing orange whenever she launches an attack.
  • When she is hurt or knocked down during combat, a mini-explosion happens, she shouts in agony, and a red beam shoots upwards. Afterward, the Archer Queen, like other heroes, stops moving and enters a “dizzy” animation.
  • The Archer Queen may appear to retarget and strike a different wall when she actually shifts her aim to a different target (usually because her previous target was destroyed).
  • If your opponent’s Archer Queen Altar is empty and she awakens while you’re assaulting, the Altar will sparkle briefly, but she won’t show up to protect the base.
  • While in Village Edit Mode, if your Archer Queen awakens, a sparkle will appear wherever the Altar was previously placed (even if you moved it already).

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