Ark Legends 2022: Why should we play this game?

Ark Legends 2022: With today’s soft launch on Android in Canada and Indonesia, Melting Games’s highly anticipated mobile RPG Ark Legends is one step closer to its worldwide release. Pre-registration is also still going on, and players who sign up can win real-world prizes like Amazon gift cards and AirPods through the game’s ongoing Lucky Draw event.

Ark Legends is the first game made by the company, so it’s impressive how deep the content is. The next tutorial will give an overview of some of the most important parts of Ark Legends to help new players learn the basics and get started.

Ark Legends

Ark Legends Features: 5 Best Reason to Play This Game

Games of Strategy

When you’ve gathered enough heroes for a fighting group, Ark Legends’ intricate strategy may really shine. You begin by assembling a well-rounded team, with frontline fighters shielding your DPS from the backline, and support players ensuring nobody gets hurt.

Your heroes get better as you play, thanks to leveling up, gaining access to new talents, and equipping them with items you find along the way. And that’s without even considering the sigil system, which lets you customize your heroes to your liking by granting them access to previously locked skills and abilities.

Pre-battle strategy isn’t always the best tactic. You have complete control over the timing of your heroes’ active talents and the combos they participate in during combat.

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Rewards For Pre-Registration

Pre-registration incentives are an additional priority. Players that sign up will receive a variety of benefits, including in-game items and currency that increase in value as more people join. Just by registering your interest in a future game on the official website, you could be eligible to win prizes like AirPods and Amazon gift cards.

On November 1st, those in Canada and Indonesia can participate in a soft launch by entering the code HELLOARK. You can also follow the company on Facebook or TikTok to learn about the most recent developments.

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In Ark Legends, players can choose from a B-Grade Hero, an A-Grade Hero, or an S-Grade Hero. These Heroes will also be affiliated with a specific Element Faction, which will define their fundamental characteristics and unique powers. There are six basic elements: earth, trees, fire, water, sun, and moon. Finally, each Hero will belong to one of the following Classes: Mage, Tank, Warrior, Assassin, Support, Marksman, or Fighter.

To maximize your formation’s effectiveness, you must first learn how each of these three types of units performs in battle and where to place them within it. For example, lower-grade support units should be stationed in the formation’s rearmost echelons, while higher-grade fighter and tank units perform best when stationed in the formation’s frontmost echelons.

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An Exercise of the Brain

Gathering heroes is only half the battle, though; you’ll also need to form a balanced squad capable of taking on anything in Ark Legends. In addition to fighting, you’ll need to level up your characters, learn new abilities, and equip them with gear that drops from vanquished foes.

On top of that, there’s the Sigil System, which allows you to increase your heroes’ strength by granting them access to previously unavailable abilities. However, there is room for tactical consideration during combat thanks to the ability to use active talents and combos unique to each hero.

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Thrilling Plot

Ark Legends is unusual among role-playing games in that it lacks a substantial storyline. You embark on a mission with the hero with amnesia, Alex, to unite a divided continent.

You may be wondering what is causing all the upheaval. Well, the locals stumbled upon technology that was light-years ahead of their own, unleashing a technological revolution. It was a thrilling period at first, but the thrill quickly faded. Unfortunately, competition for these technologies resulted in conflict, with only the Shield Alliance, Glacial Empire, Sacred Forest, Boil Blood, Luminaid Temple, and Umbra Covenant emerging victorious.

Even if a fragile calm had settled in, Aquidro had already entered the picture and was stirring things up once more. Here’s where you come in: can you aid Alex in ending the corrupt group and restoring peace to the devastated continent?

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Final Thoughts

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