Best companion perks in fallout 4

Best Companion Perks in Fallout 4: You won’t find anyone in Fallout 4 willing to explore the wasteland on their own. Fallout 4 has a lot of non-player characters (NPCs) who want to go on adventures with you and have special skills to help you. There will likely be a large number of potential traveling partners, but you can only bring one. discussing the best benefits of having a friend in Fallout 4.

Best companion perks in fallout 4

Best companion perks in fallout 4: In Fallout 4, obtaining a companion’s perk requires reaching max affection with that character and completing any associated prereq quests. If you do this, you’ll be able to enjoy their perk as long as they remain your travelling buddy. If you ever fire them, you’ll lose that benefit, but regaining it is as simple as re-acquiring them as a companion.

Best companion perks in fallout 4

This means you can only use one companion perk at a time unless you download and install some of the best mods for Fallout 4. Since you can only have one perk at a time, you should prioritise the one that will be the most beneficial to you. Listed below are several of Fallout 4’s most useful companion perks.

Porter Gage: Lessons in Blood

It’s only fair that you get some extra benefit from all the murder you’ll be committing throughout the game. With Porter Gage’s perk, Lessons in Blood, you gain 5 percent more experience for each kill. Although this may not seem like much, getting Porter early in a game can make a significant difference.

Even if you don’t recruit him until late in the game, his 5% bonus will increase in proportion to your kill XP gains, making him useful even then. In addition to a +10 defence bonus against projectiles, this perk also grants +10 defence against energy attacks. Even though it’s not much, it’s always wonderful to receive a little boost like this.

Deacon: Cloak and Dagger

It makes reasonable that Deacon would equip the player with a stealth bonus, given that they are a member of the covert Railroad organisation. You’ll need to overcome a series of puzzles to locate the Railroad, and that’s before you can even recruit Deacon as a buddy. However, you will unlock the Cloak and Dagger perk once you’ve tracked them down and gained Deacon’s trust.

To those who favour stealthy builds, this perk’s 20% damage advantage to sneak attacks is a welcome boon. In most cases, you’ll only get off a couple of shots before the target discovers your presence and reacts accordingly. The added damage will ensure your target is eliminated before it can be located. Stealth lads also benefit from a 40% duration increase thanks to this attribute.

Danse: Know Your Enemy

There is an additional 20% damage on Ghouls, Super Mutants, and Synths while dancing. It’s not surprising to see this benefit, given that the Brotherhood of Steele is always battling these foes. Given that you’ll typically encounter Ghouls or Super Mutants when you clear out landmarks on your way to them, having this damage bonus given to you will make getting about the wasteland a lot less of a hassle.

Because it’s a constant bonus to damage, the perk won’t lose its effectiveness as you level up. You won’t frequently use the Synth damage bonus, but everything else about the perk is useful. This will be relevant only if you opt to side with the Brotherhood and find yourself in a battle against a large number of Synths.

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