Black Raisin Cookie Toppings 2023: Story, Skill info and Build

Black Raisin Cookie Toppings: With the latest update, the creators of Cookie Run Kingdom have added a new cookie to the game’s roster.

In Cookie Run Kingdom, the player assumes the role of Ginger Brave Cookie, the game’s protagonist and a cookie with extraordinary abilities. There’s a party system where you can collect cookies as you play and use them to help you out. Many varieties of cookies can be found, each with its own set of hidden powers. There are a tonne of freebies in the game that can be unlocked with codes.

In the first half of The Lost Kingdom update, the black-raisin cookie was added to the assortment of cookies.

Black Raisin Cookie Toppings

Black Raisin Cookie Toppings: Story

A brisk breeze, war-torn trees, and war-scarred neighborhoods… Is someone lurking in the darkness? Black Raisin Cookie is the only defender of the desolate ruins of a once-great kingdom. This cookie, although made of dried, wrinkled raisins, knows the importance of sticking it out. Despite losing an arm to the perils of the wild barred, this cookie does not stop searching for food to provide for those who rely on her.

Black Raisin Cookie keeps her Cookie heart despite her trials, believing that everyone, even a poor one-legged crow, is deserving of assistance. The sun has risen on a new day, and with it come fresh difficulties. The locals may rest assured, though, because Black Raisin Cookie will be keeping a watchful eye out for them.

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No one is safe from the Shadow Watcher’s keen Black Raisin Eye. Several times, the Cookie disappears into the darkness, only to reappear in the midst of the strikes and enemy ranks, dealing devastating area damage each time.

Black Raisin Cookie’s game skill allows her to deal a pure series of assassination-style slashes, resulting in a large amount of DMG and DPS.

Multiplayer is supported with many of the game’s newer units, including Legendaries that fill Black Raisin’s role. If you give her the right build and team, she can still compete in the meta.

X14 second base cd
Cooldown within 14 seconds
Damage dealt with 79.7 percent (+1% DMG / level)

Within the context of the Cookie Run Kingdom setting, the Searing Raspberry X5 with Full ATK DMG Build is the best Black Raisin Cookie Toppings build.

Which grants Black Raisin a greater amount of damage, maximising the damage your team can deal if she is your primary DPS unit.

Searing Raspberry Topping (X5) – Full ATK Build in The Game
Swift Chocolate (X5) – Optional in The Game

For Black Raisin, we advise using this specific topping recipe. A different construction set for Black Raisin Cookie Toppings would include either X3 Searing Raspberry or X5 Swift Choco plus X2 Swift Choco.


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