Cheese Escape Code (february 2023)

Cheese Escape Code (february 2023): Checking for Cheese Escape Code Chapter 2? You have arrived at the correct location to obtain all active codes. Just read the complete article: Cheese Escape is the next scary game to come out on Roblox. This guide will show you how to safely get through the maze, get the cheese, and get out of it while avoiding the rat.

Cheese Escape Code

Cheese Escape Code (Active)

We aren’t sure if the code numbers change, but the process for obtaining the four-digit code is consistent regardless of whether the lock is green or another color.

Follow the instructions below to press the green button by clicking on the corresponding numbers in the opposite direction (from bottom to top). The four-digit Cheese Escape code that unlocked the door for us was – 3842.

Where Are the Green Key and Green Lock?

Once the virtual door opens, keep heading left until you reach a section with climbable columns. The green color key can be found at the base of the columns.

After that, ascend the columns and continue straight until you reach a hole; descend the hole and keep going left until you reach a green lock, which requires a green key.

Where the red key is

After entering the code to open the door in the game, proceed down the hallway toward the lamps until you reach a table with a radio and, yes, the red key.

Where to Find the Blue Key

It is hidden in a room directly above the Safe Zone. The player needs to find the Red Key, open the Red Door, and gather the board behind the Red Door in order to get it. Its sole purpose is to grant access through the Blue door.

About the Fun and Challenging Cheese-Based Escape Game

Roblox user @Spirow734 has created a fantastic horror game called Cheese Escape. This is an unnecessary horror game in which you try to avoid being eaten by a rat.

So that you don’t miss a thing, we suggest playing the game with the sound on. In order to have the most fun, whether playing with others or on your own, make a free VIP server in the game.

FAQ About Cheese Escape Code

Where Can I Play the Cheese Game?

Simply launch Roblox, type “Cheese Escape” into the search bar, and select the resulting game to begin playing.

Who, exactly, developed Cheese Escape?

On October 3, 2020, @Spirow734 released a new game for Roblox called Cheese Escape.

How well-known is the “Cheese Escape” game on Roblox?

More than 97,000 players have bookmarked the Roblox Cheese Escape Game, which has been viewed by an estimated 352 million players.

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