Core Keeper Desert Update Releasing Next Week

Core Keeper Desert Update Releasing Next Week: On November 26th, the Desert of Beginnings will become available as the next big update for Core Keeper. The Desert of Beginnings biome, the Molten Quarry sub-biome, 12 new creatures, new music, and much more are all coming in the upcoming Core Keeper desert update, which was revealed two months ago.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect is karting, which allows you and your pals to race go-karts through the desert at breakneck speeds while shouting lines from Mad Max: Fury Road at one another.

Core Keeper Desert Update

Core Keeper Desert Update: Features

The new Galaxite ore may be used to craft a Galaxite workstation, which will in in handy with the upcoming Core Keeper desert update’s new arsenal and fortifications. Those three new kinds of go-karts won’t construct themselves.

Igneous, the Molten Mass, and Ra-Akar, the Sand Titan, are the two new bosses that will be introduced in the update. You can use these as distractions while researching citizen-requested enhancements to the locals’ quality of life. Steam achievements, fishing while traveling in a minecart or boat, clickable recipes that instantly add ingredients to a cooking pot, and the ability to break, carry, and place certain larger world objects are all examples of how the quality of life has been enhanced.

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