Defenders Depot Codes (february 2023)

You can use Defenders Depot codes to get free crates, tokens, and other things. Below, you’ll find both the active Defenders Depot codes and the ones that have already expired, in case you want to try them out. We’ll also tell you how to use them, so read until the end to make sure you can get all your goodies quickly.

Defenders Depot Codes

Defenders Depot Codes (Active)

All of the active Defenders Depot codes are listed below.

  • 65M!—Redeem for a Basic Crate (New)
  • 300kFAVE—Redeem for a Chat Token (New)
  • festiveTime—Redeem for a Basic Crate (New)
  • snowsnosns—Redeem for a Trade Token (New)
  • 60M!—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • DD2—Redeem for a Chat Token
  • winteriscoming—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • candy—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • corn—Redeem for a Chat Token
  • soonTM—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • tags?!—Redeem for a Chat Token
  • redYELLOWred—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • spamspam—Redeem for a Chat Token
  • settingsnoway—Redeem for a Chat Token
  • ty4100k—Redeem for a Chat Token
  • Ascensions!—Redeem for a Chat Token
  • gaming—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • ascend?—Redeem for a Chat Token
  • killALLpls—Redeem for a Godly Crate
  • zoooom—Redeem for +2 Walk Speed
  • worldWIDE—Redeem for a Chat Token
  • SUPERCHAT—Redeem for a Chat Token
  • tahc labolg—Redeem for a Chat Token
  • thatswild—Redeem for a Trade Token
  • token?—Redeem for a Trade Token
  • wal—Redeem for a Free Reward
  • FONUFO—Redeem for a Free Trade Token
  • O_o—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • ZaP—Redeem for 10,000 Coins
  • speeeed—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • daily—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • spooky—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • bugcatcher—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • 69—Redeem for 69 Coins

All codes are available only for the limited time frame so please use it quickly if there is any codes which is not working let me know we will update with new one.

Expired Codes

  • 50M!—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • 50000000?!—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • Another1—Redeem for free rewards
  • ty450—Redeem for a Chat Token
  • EASTER2022—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • newnewnew—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • cencel—Redeem for a Trade Token
  • snowww—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • fir3ball—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • hd—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • b0x—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • b00m—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • disco—Redeem for a Basic Crate
  • soon—Redeem for a Basic Crate

Where to Enter the Defender Depot Code for Redemption?

Here are the easy steps to follow to use a code.

  • Open the game or experience in Roblox.
  • Click the button that says Settings.
  • The left side of the screen will show this.
  • The option to enter codes will appear in a new window.
  • Copy or type the codes above that work into this text box.
  • To get your free rewards, click “Redeem.”

Methods To Acquire New Defenders Depot Coupon Codes

To be clear, we are not the ones responsible for creating the Defenders Depot codes; that task falls solely on the shoulders of the game’s creators. When there is a major change, celebration, or achievement, new codes are often distributed. When a Roblox game reaches a certain number of likes or visits, for instance, the developer often announces the availability of new codes.

We recommend that you join the official Discord server or check Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for the latest code updates. To promote their games, the vast majority of Roblox creators set up a Roblox group, a Discord server, or a Twitter account. Facebook and Instagram accounts devoted to the game are quite hard to come across. Join the official Defenders Depot Discord server to get the list of secret codes.

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