DNF Duel Tier List 2023

DNF Duel Tier List 2022: DNF Duel is a fighting game made by Arc System Works, Eighting, and Neople. It is based on the popular action role-playing game Dungeon & Fighter, which is a beat-em-up game. But let’s focus on DNF Duel. Since it’s a fighting game, there are a lot of characters for you to choose from. But the good news is that CPT East Asia 2 winner INFILTRATION has made a Tier List for it. So, let’s look at the DNF Duel Best Characters Tier List and also check the INFILTRATION list of the best fighters.

DNF Duel Tier List

DNF Duel Tier List 2022

Here the complete DNF Duel tier list below:

CrusaderS Tier
StrikerS Tier
BerserkerS Tier
TroubleshooterA Tier
RangerA Tier
GrapplerA Tier
VanguardA Tier
HitmanB Tier
KunoichiB Tier
Dragon KnightB Tier
EnchantressC Tier
Swift MasterC Tier
InquisitorC Tier
LauncherD Tier

DNF Duel Tier List by Infiltration

Dragon KnightA

If you don’t know what UNGA means, it’s a fighting game term for characters that are broken. These fighters are easy to play with and don’t require much strategy, knowledge, or practice. Some S Tier fighters could even be on the same level as UNGA fighters. They are good and give UNGA fighters a hard time. You can use A Tier fighters, but you shouldn’t use B Tier fighters.

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