Dota 2 New Hero Muerta Release Date 2023 Announced

Dota 2 New Hero Muerta Release Date Announced: Not long after the All-Star Match, it was announced that the new hero, Muerta, would be coming out in early 2023. The news about this year’s new hero was short, to the point, and very exciting.

Even though not much is known about Muerta, her makeup and name, which means “Dead,” make it likely that she is of Mexican or Latino descent. Everything else we know about her is that she will be a shooter and have a gun.

Dota 2 New Hero Muerta Announced

As the final hero to join the team, Marci was a welcome addition. Dota 2 fans first met her in the Netflix animated series DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, where she played the role of Mirana’s mute sidekick. While she was only in the first season of the animated series, she became a fan favorite and was welcomed with open arms.

Dota 2 New Hero Muerta Release Date Announced

Others, however, felt that her character design strayed too far from the Dota 2 mythology style and was too “anime-like.”

Fans are eagerly awaiting further details about her and her anticipated release in “early 2023,” which may imply October 2023 in Valve time.

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