Era of Althea codes (february 2023): Updated List

Era of Althea codes: In Era of Althea, you’re thrown into a world with a set of random characteristics and sent on an epic quest. The game’s main goal is exploration, and new players can expect to die frequently. The in-game currency, Yul, is used to purchase items like swords, armor, and spins. By vanquishing the town’s monsters, you can acquire Yul.

More free games in Era of Althea can be yours with the following codes. Since spins allow you to alter key aspects of your character, they make for a fantastic introduction to your adventure. You start with a unique set of Traits, Snaps, and Race, but you can improve them through respinning.

Era of Althea codes

Era of Althea codes (Active)

Here below all the active codes are provided

  • BUGFIXGOCRAZY – 50 free spins
  • 2XDROPSEVENTON – free spins
  • IHATEMYHAIRCOLOR – free hair colour reroll
  • RANDOMBUGFIXES2 – 35 free spins
  • IHATEMYEYES – eye color reroll
  • FREEHAIRDYE – free hair reroll
  • NEWBOSSUPDATE – free spins
  • NEWMAPUPDATEXD – 45 free spins

All the codes are available only for the limited time so we request everyone of you please redeem all the codes before it gets expird

Expired codes:


How do I use codes for Era of Althea?

To redeem your Era of Althea codes, simply perform the following steps:

  • Open the Roblox game Era of Althea
  • Click the settings cog
  • A ‘Codes’ field will appear in a settings menu on your right
  • Paste the code into the box, then click “Redeem Code.”

How do I get more Era of Althea codes?

To get the most recent Era of Althea codes, check back here frequently. Each time a new version of a code is released, we immediately implement it.

Alternately, you can join the developer’s Discord server and talk directly to them. When there are changes to Era of Althea, the developer usually posts about them on the game’s official Twitter account. You can find cheat codes in the general chat of Discord.


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