Fashion Meets Racing in NFS Unbound 2023

Fashion Meets Racing in NFS Unbound: The most recognizable names in the fashion industry have joined forces with EA and Criterion to create Need for Speed Unbound. In Need for Speed Unbound, companies like Palace Skateboards, Versace, Puma, Namilia, Danielle Guizio, and many more will show off their work. On December 2nd, NFS Unbound will be available for purchase on PS5, Xbox One X/S, and PC.

Fashion Meets Racing in NFS Unbound

Fashion Meets Racing in NFS Unbound

Players can make their own unique mark in NFS Unbound thanks to the game’s extensive customization options. Each player has complete freedom to customize every aspect of their experience, from the vehicles they drive to the personalities they create.

With NFS Unbound, you get the same great game in a whole new package. You may show your individuality in a variety of ways in Need for Speed Unrestrained, from your racing style and custom car builds to your outfits, music, and more. Kieran Crimmins, creative director of Criterion Games, put it like this.
The soundtrack to Need for Speed Unbound will be a mashup of several street genres from artists like Sentrock and JC Riviera. Their unique aesthetics will not only be a permanent part of the Unbound cityscape, but also a collectible item.

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A$AP Rocky, a rapper nominated for a Grammy, will make an in-game appearance as the head of the Takeover Scene, a new mode of precise driving that encourages players to work together to “take over” sections of the city and highlight driving style more than speed. AWGE was brought in to help with ideas for the game as well.

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