Fifa World Codes (february 2023): Free Perks & Rewards

FIFA World Codes: Free perks and enhancements in a game are always appreciated. In any case, by using FIFA World codes, you can get your hands on some seriously amazing bonuses for your exploits. Since so many people play FIFA World on Roblox, its cheats are likely to be changed often as new achievements are unlocked. For your convenience, we’ve listed both currently-valid and previously-expired FIFA World cheats below. Stay until the end, and we’ll tell you exactly how to redeem them so you can get your rewards quickly and easily.

Fifa World Codes

Fifa World Codes (Active)

FIFAWORLDCUPRedeem this code to get 2x currency for 30 mins (NEW)
FIFA10KRedeem this code to get coins.
FIFAWorldRedeem this code to get coins.
FIFA5000Redeem this code to get coins. 

How to get your FIFA World Codes redeemed?

Here are some easy steps you can take to use your FIFA World codes:

  • Start FIFA World Cup
  • Once you’re in the game, go to the back wall of the stall area, where there’s a big screen showing different football games.
  • You should see a stall to the right of the screen when you face it.
  • Above this stall, the word “Codes” should be written. Come here and press the interaction button when you are told to.
  • To get your reward, type your code into the box that pops up.

If you successfully redeem a code, your reward will be shown to you and added to your inventory (if it’s a Football or something else). But if you are given Medals, they will be added right away to the number of Medals you already have.

How to get more World Codes for FIFA?

You can find more codes on the official FIFA WORLD website and the FIFA World Roblox Group. We suggest adding this page to your bookmarks because we will add new codes to this list as they come out. Check back to see if FIFA World added any new codes.

What’s FIFA World?

FIFA World is an interactive soccer game that is free to play and based on the FIFA World Cup. You and your friends can play soccer on different courses and try to score goals. These courses are hard, and you’ll need to figure out how much power and angle you’ll need to hit the ball before you hit it. There are also things like footballs and trails that players can unlock by using Medals, which are the game’s currency.

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