Final Earth 2 Secret Codes (february 2023): Updated

Final Earth 2 Secret Codes: Free game items and upgrades are great. Using Final Earth 2’s hidden coupons, you might get some really cool bonuses. Final Earth 2 is a popular Roblox game, so it’s likely that these codes will change often. Here are the Final Earth 2 secret coupons that are still valid and the ones that have already run out. We’ll also tell you how to get your gifts, so keep reading to get them quickly.

Final Earth 2 Secret Codes

Final Earth 2 Secret Codes (Active)

These are all of the Final Earth 2 Secret codes that are currently active.

OrchidEnter this code to get more plant types.
debug_pathfinderEnter this code to debug secret code (Works only in the regular game, not on the Coolmath platform)
CoolmathEnter this code to get information on citizens’ productivity and city development.
StatsEnter this code to find out more about city statistics.
Dance all nightEnter this code to switch between five Nightclub lights options.
HangarEnter this code to change the looks of the ships (Works only in the regular game, not on the Coolmath platform).


These are expired codes for The Final Earth 2.

  • Currently, there are no expired coupons available for The Final Earth 2.

How Can I Redeem Final Earth 2 Secret Codes?

  • Start The Last Earth 2.
  • Click the three-lined Game menu button at the bottom right of the screen.
  • To get to the Advanced Settings, click the button with three dots.
  • Click the button that says “Enter Secret Code.”
  • In the Enter Secret Code box, type in codes that work.
  • As soon as you write down the code, it will turn on by itself.


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