Fire Emblem Engage DLC Full Information

Fire Emblem Engage DLC Full Information: DLC for Fire Emblem Engage is already being discussed, and the game hasn’t even been released in North America yet! Buyers of the game will have a number of downloadable content updates to look forward to, and we now know more about what to expect from the first wave.

Initial purchases of the expansion pass will grant entry to the boutique in Somniel, where you can purchase costumes and accessories. You can save 30% in the armory and item shop with the silver card you receive after completing the first map.

Fire Emblem Engage DLC

Fire Emblem Engage DLC Full Information

So, tell me more about the costumes and props you may anticipate. This is the rundown of what will be included:

  • Boots
  • Seraph Robe
  • Energy Drop
  • Spirit Dust
  • Secret Book
  • Speedwing
  • Goddess Icon
  • Dracoshield
  • Talisman


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