Fire Emblem Engage: How to Get amiibo Rewards

Fire Emblem Engage amiibo Rewards: Game of Fire Emblem Located in a secluded corner of The Somniel, the amiibo gazebo makes it possible to employ your favorite amiibo figures within the context of Engage. In other words, any amiibo from the series can be used to unlock special items and music in tribute to the original characters.

Methods for Redeeming amiibo in Fire Emblem Engage

Rewards for utilizing amiibo in FireEmblem Engage can’t be claimed until Chapter 5. At this point, you can get the amiibo Gazebo and the main world of Somniel. On a normal day, you can scan five amiibo here.

Fire Emblem Engage amiibo Rewards

You can get several different Alear cosmetics by using a fashion and music ticket unlocked with the Fire Emblem Amiibo.

Non-Fire Emblem amiibo can be used to gain access to staples like food and potions that are useful in combat.

If you’ve made it to the amiibo Gazebo, you can scan your amiibo by pressing the scan button and tapping it on the right area on your Nintendo Switch. Then, it’ll give you perks like

  • Byleth Style
  • Corrin Style
  • Lucina Style
  • Micaiah Style
  • Ike Style
  • Roy Style
  • Lyn Style
  • Leif Style
  • Sigurd Style
  • Celica Style
  • Marth Style

It doesn’t take long to get to chapter five, so don’t give up if you haven’t reached there yet. Even while it introduces the player to new mechanics and systems, the tale moves along at a decent clip early on.

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