Fortnite x Polo Ralph Lauren collaboration: Skins & Release Date

Fortnite x Polo Ralph Lauren collaboration: Skins & release date, The Fortnite x Polo collaboration was revealed at the end of October and will be accessible to players soon. Many new skins and other cosmetic additions to the game are the result of the partnership.

The nicest part about the new partnership is that the cosmetics are completely free for players to obtain. These things are available to Loopers who participate in Friday, November 4’s Polo Stadium Cup.

Fortnite x Polo Ralph Lauren collaboration

It was also announced that the Fortnite x Polo cosmetic products would be added to the Item Shop. This page will provide you with all the details you need regarding the new partnership, including release details and more.

Fortnite x Polo Ralph Lauren collaboration: Skins & Release Date

Fortnite x Polo adds two new skins to the game

The Polo Ralph Lauren collaboration in Fortnite Battle Royale will bring out two skins: Stadium Hero and Polo Prodigy. The skins look great and are based on Ralph Lauren’s “1992 Stadium” line.

Both skins come with accessories that go with them. Epic Games will also make a special loading screen for the game.

There are a total of four skin variations and three extras available for the Stadium Hero character. Above you can see the four different looks that will be available, and below are the skin’s accompanying accessories.

  • Racerback Back Bling
  • tadium Drifter Glider
  • Stadium Collector Pickaxe

The second skin from the Fortnite x Polo collaboration is Polo Prodigy. Based on the Headhunter model, this skin comes in two different looks. There are two accessories that go with the outfit:

  • P-Wing Pack Back Bling
  • 1992 Mallet Pickaxe

She is back bling is in two different styles.

How to get free Ralph Lauren skins?

The new Fortnite Battle Royale Cup is where players can compete to win aesthetic items like the ones shown below. The exact release date of November 4th, when the cup is released, is displayed in the game.

Note that the cup kickoff times vary by area. Launch Fortnite and navigate to the Compete tab to see when the cup will begin in your time zone.

You can compete for cosmetics and play up to ten matches during the cup. Three hours later, the cup will still be full.

The future tournament will be playable on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch alike. The two outfits and their corresponding back bling will be unlocked for the best players in each location.

Earning the eight points necessary to get the free Victory Colors emote during the cup is a cakewalk.

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