Frost queen Cookie Run Kingdom (february 2023)

Frost queen Cookie Run Kingdom (february 2023): Each cookie has a different job to do during the match. There are healers, attackers, and tanks, and each one needs a different strategy. This guide tells you which Frost Queen cookie toppings are the best in Cookie Run: Kingdom. In Cookie Run: Kingdom, she is one of the most powerful cookies. So, it’s important to learn how to play her.

You should learn more about Frost Queen cookies in general before deciding which CRK toppings work best with them. This cookie and the Cotton Cookie were both introduced in the Snow update a year ago. And it seems that both cookies are robust and frequently utilized currently.

Frost queen Cookie Run Kingdom

First and foremost, you should realize that Frost Queen cookies are famous. She possesses respectable assault numbers and can therefore be deployed to the front lines. Freezing Squall is an ability that greatly improves her damage per second. In addition to delivering massive damage, activating the cookie unleashes a powerful cold energy spell that has a chance to debuff foes.

Identifying Frost Queen is the first step in learning about the finest Frost Queen setups. Swift Cholocate is the first available condiment. Frost Queen really has a cooldown of 18 seconds. This is an absurdly high amount that drastically reduces the usefulness of cookies. The maximum effect of Swift Chocolate Topping on cooldown is a 1.8% reduction. You’ll be able to do more damage and keep foes debuffed for longer.

However, the Searing Raspberry topping can dramatically boost your attack, which could come in handy while engaging in battle against numerous foes at once. As an added bonus, Frost Queen is deployed smack dab in the thick of the action up front. Therefore, Frost Queen’s damage is likely to be the most relevant metric.

Keep in mind that a well-balanced structure is not the ideal choice. Focus on improving only one stat and load up on that one topping wherever. And experimenting with both is the best way to determine which topping is best for you.

The final piece of information about Frost Queen is how to get it. Famous all over the world, Frost Queen cookies are a treat everyone must try. Consequently, securing her will take a significant amount of time and energy.

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The best way to get your hands on Frost Queen is to use Rainbow Pearls to buy her Soulstones from the Rainbow Shell Gallery. Unfortunately, you can only buy a Soulstone once every six days. Frost Queen requires 20 Soulstones, which may be obtained by playing Cookie Run Kingdom continuously for 120 days.

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