Goblin Slayer Face Revealed 2023: Real Name and Age

Goblin Slayer Face Revealed: Learn more about the main character of the series, an adventurer with a silver ranking who specializes in tracking down and murdering goblins, by checking out the Goblin Slayer Face Reveal. Continue reading to acquire further information regarding the Goblin Slayer Face Reveal. You’ll find the complete “Goblin Slayer Face Reveal” description farther down on this page.

Goblin Slayer Face Revealed

Kumo Kagyu and Noboru Kannatsuki created the character Goblin Slayer for a series of Japanese dark fantasy light novels. The show follows a band of heroes as they form a guild and take on various missions for pay. On her first assignment, a priestess runs into problems with goblins, and she is rescued by Goblin Slayer, whose only goal in life is to kill goblins.

Goblin Slayer Face Revealed

Part of Goblin Slayer’s face, including two scars on his chin from when he vanquished the Goblin Lord and saved his hometown, was seen in the season one finale. The reveal of Goblin Slayer’s face in the anime has fans wondering when we might expect to see him or her for the first time. Finally, the Goblin Slayer’s face has been revealed.

Reports indicate that the Goblin Slayer’s identity will be revealed in Season 2.

About: Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer is the first novel in a series of light novels by Kumo Kagyu. It came out in 2016. In the same year, Kosuke Kurose and Masahiro Ikeno’s manga adaptations were first published in Monthly Gangan magazine. Kento Eida’s prequel manga has been expanded and can be read in its entirety in the most recent issue of Young Gangan Magazine.

Kagyu released the prequel spinoff Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One in the year 2018. The Goblin Slayer: Side Story 2: Daikatana of Singing Death spin-off series will have more books come out in 2019.

In Goblin Slayer, the story is about a group of adventurers who join the Guild and go on a series of quests to earn glory and money. When a priestess is on her first mission, she gets in trouble with several goblins. The Goblin Slayer comes to her rescue and saves the day.

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Goblin Slayer real name

Goblin Slayer’s real name in Japan is Goburin Sureiya, but most people call him Goburin Sureiya. When he was a young boy, goblins attacked his town, and he was the only person to make it through. While he was hiding under the floorboards, he saw the brutal attack that killed his older sister. After that, he turned into a sick person who hated goblins and was obsessed with the idea of getting rid of them. Because of the attack, a burglar came to his aid and told him what he needed to know to get rid of the goblins. Because of this, he was able to stop the threat. He finally got around to sending his application to the Adventurers’ Guild after five years. He does different odd jobs, like delivering packages and helping clean, to make enough money to get by. The whole face of the Goblin Slayer has been shown to us at this point. If you read the article, you will learn more about who Goblin Slayer is.

Goblin Slayer Age

The game for mature audiences is called Goblin Slayer. The real number of years he has lived has not been specified in the anime. According to the facts that we have, he is older than twenty years old. In the Japanese version of Goblin Slayer, Yuichiro Umehara is responsible for the game’s voice acting, while Brad Hawkins is responsible for the voice acting in the English version.


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