How To Find Forge Maps In Halo Infinite?

How to Find Forge Maps in Halo Infinite: Halo Infinite now has a new and improved version of the Forge mode, which has been a mainstay of the Halo series since the Xbox 360 era. But the feature is launching in Halo Infinite’s beta version, and there isn’t a custom game server browser yet. So, how do you find and play content made with Forge?

How To Find Forge Maps In Halo Infinite?

A number of paths exist at this time in Halo Infinite that lead to Forge creations. The easiest way to do this is to use the game’s built-in Forge menu, which offers a variety of possibilities.

How To Find Forge Maps In Halo Infinite?
  • If you go to the Forge tab and then click Maps, you’ll see a number of various ways to get there. You can find the official maps for the game, as well as certain community maps hand-picked by the developers, in the “343 Industries” section. There’s a “Popular” area, and you can get to your own saved maps through a few other menus.
  • Choose a section, and you’ll unlock a variety of fresh maps for use in Halo Infinite’s custom games! You can effortlessly add any that catch your eye to your personal bookmarks for later use.

Game Modes In Halo Infinite: How Can I Find?

Locating Forge game modes in particular is a more difficult task. Since the in-game ‘Modes’ menu isn’t nearly as extensive as the ‘Maps’ one, we recommend using Halo Waypoint to search for user-created game modes. All of the stuff you’ve bookmarked will be accessible from within the game, just like Forge maps.

  • Go to
  • Use the “Sign In” button at the top right of the page to log in to your Microsoft Account.
  • Click “Community” at the top of the page and then “Content Browser.”
  • If you scroll down to “Popular Modes,” you can look at all the game mode content.
  • You can mark anything you like in Halo Waypoint by clicking “Bookmark.”
  • Go back into the game and look at “My Bookmarks.” The content will be there for you to enjoy.

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