How to Get Tier 3 Tools In Grounded

How to Get Tier 3 Tools in Grounded: Is learning the secret to unlocking Grounded’s Tier 3 tools something you’re interested in? To stay alive in the new survival game Grounded, you’ll need to improvise using everything you can get your hands on. You can improve your odds of survival by making more effective weapons and armor.

The game’s huge living ecosystem gives players a lot of different raw materials they can use to make their own tools. Anyone with enough money and a little luck can get their hands on these luxury items. This tutorial will show you where to look for the greatest Tier 3 tools in Grounded.

How to Get Tier 3 Tools In Grounded

What are Tier 3 tools in Grounded?

There are three tiers of Tools in Grounded, with Tier 3 being the most advanced. The game system has a variety of Roman numeral-labeled tools, with the most potent being tool number III. Tools that have received at least three stars are considered Tier 3 quality. This enables them use for purposes such as durability and breaking through harder materials. You’ll need the appropriate recipes in order to make these goods useful. The correct tools will also be required.

How to Get Tier 3 Tools In Grounded?

The Termite Axe is the first Tool of Tier 3, and you can obtain it by eliminating some Termites. However, in order to acquire the remaining Tier 3 Tools, you will need to collect a number of distinct components. Fortunately, you can locate the vast majority of these objects in-game. You’ll need to do some investigating and hunting to find them. The first two Tier 3 Tools can be obtained by following the steps outlined here.

The easiest way to get a Tear 3 Tool is with the Termite Axe. Once you get a hold of this axe, it will make you twice as good at cutting. For this Axe to be made, you will need two Termite Champers, two Crow Feathers, and four Tough Gunks.

You can get all of this stuff, though, if you kill some Termite soldiers. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Go to the Termite Dent and kill some of the termites there until you have enough Materials. (Hint: Termites are dangerous and will try to swarm you, but salty weapons are effective against them. So the best tools for this job are the Ant Shield and Salt Morning Star. You don’t have to go into the Termite Deck. Killing Termite Soldiers is the only way to get all the materials.
  • Analyze the Termite Chompers to find the new Recipe to upgrade the Termite Axe. To save time, we suggest that you build the Work Bench in the same place.
  • Go to the Work Bench. Click on Recipes and choose Termite Axe from the list. Your Termite Axe will be upgraded to Tier 3.

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