How to heal in The Callisto Protocol?

How to heal in The Callisto Protocol: Like many survival horror games, The Callisto Protocol has an important part where you have to heal your character and use everything you can to stay alive.

In the latest game from Striking Distance Studios, you play as a lone protagonist named Jacob Lee against an army of enemies.

When Jacob’s health reaches zero, the game is obviously over for you. A device implanted at the back of Jacob’s neck, called a Core Device, shows his current HP and how much damage he has taken.

The indicator on the device will flash red when his health is dangerously low, letting you know that you need to stop what you’re doing and heal him before continuing.

How to heal in The Callisto Protocol?

How to heal in The Callisto Protocol?

You will take a lot of damage in The Callisto Protocol, so you will need to heal a lot.

In the game, there aren’t that many healing items, but there are a few ways to get them.

Apply Health Gel

The first item is Health Gel, which brings Jacob’s health back to normal by 35%. These are the most likely things you will find.

When you kill an enemy, you can hover over its body and press Triangle or Y, depending on whether you’re playing on PlayStation or Xbox. If you do this, you will cruelly step on your enemy’s dead body.

After you do this, you will be able to steal from the enemy, who has things like Callisto Credits and Health Gel. If an enemy drops a Health Gel, you can pick it up and use it by pressing X or A.

You have to use this item right away, which is a shame. If you have full health, you can’t save some for later.

You can keep Health Injectors in your inventory, and they heal Jacob’s health much more than Health Gels. There are a couple of ways to get them.

You can first steal them from crates. or boxes on the walls of the Black Iron Prison:

Health Injectors are expensive at the game’s printer stations.

You’ll need 500 Callisto Credits to buy these healing items, which is a lot more than the 200–500 Callisto Credits that some early upgrades to weapons and skills cost. You shouldn’t buy these unless you really need to.

Once you find a Health Injector, all you have to do to heal yourself is hold down on your D-Pad. Just know that you can still be attacked while using the Injector, and if you are, you might not be able to use it all.

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