How to ignite structures in Fortnite 2023

How to ignite structures in Fortnite: There is a new Herald Quest in Season 4 of Fortnite that demands you to set structures on fire, so here’s how to do it swiftly.

The 22.30 update patch brought a multitude of new content to Fortnite, including the Star Wars Skywalker Week event and the coveted Pickle Rick Back Bling.

How to ignite structures in Fortnite 2022

One of the new Herald quests requires you to set buildings on fire in order to gain access to some sweet cosmetic goodies. We’ll go over some time-saving techniques for achieving this:

How to ignite structures in Fortnite

To set fire to fifty different buildings on the island is one of the Herald Quests. The Epitaph Edge Pickaxe can be obtained by completing the challenge found on the first page of the Herald Quests. If you want the Herald outfit, you’ll need to complete three tasks, one of which is this one.

Firefly Jars can be obtained and thrown at wooden structures to complete this quest. This approach is simple and should make this task easy. However, if you’re having trouble tracking down Firefly Jars, we recommend detonating bombs at the island’s gas stations. You can also complete the mission by blasting gasoline canisters around the island.

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