How to Unlock All Jobs in Harvestella

Unlock All Jobs in Harvestella: Need to know the secret to getting every job in Harvestella? In traditional role-playing games, players have the option of playing the campaign as one of several different classes. In their latest life-simulator/JRPG mashup, Harvestella, Square Enix decided to liven things up a bit.

Education is referred to as “jobs” in the fictional world of Harvestella. You start the game as a fighter, but as you progress through the campaign, you’ll be able to unlock and equip other jobs, giving you access to amazing and unique fighting skills. Continue reading to find out how to avail yourself of any and all Harvestella employment opportunities.

How to Unlock All Jobs in Harvestella

Unlock All Jobs in Harvestella

Unlock All Jobs in Harvestella: In Harvestella, you immediately assume the position of the warrior. However, as the story unfolds and you travel in Harvestella, you will unlock the opportunity to acquire all other jobs through completing tasks and strengthening relationships with other people. Such work includes

Mage Job

Having an encounter with the unicorn in Higan Canyon will open up the option of becoming a mage, as the unicorn knows everything there is to know about the craft. Long-range assaults are the forte of this class, which mixes the elements of ice and lightning.

Sky Lancer

The Sky Lancer’s attacks are wide-ranging spear strikes that combine wind and physical damage. When Asyl joins your party in Chapter 3A, he will offer you a job in Harvestella.


Indeed, the role of Avenger in Harvestella lives up to its name and is one of the most powerful positions available. At first, you’ll be dealing massive amounts of physical damage from afar, but as you level up, you’ll get access to both ice and fire strikes. Once Brakka has joined 3C, you will have access to this class.


In Harvestella, the Lumancer Job is unlocked when your friendship level with Dianthus reaches a certain threshold. This role inflicts magical harm upon foes and has a number of effects that further weaken them.

Shadow Walker

You need to get along better with Istina, a playable character in Harvestella, in order to get the key to unlock this job.

A Shadow Walker is akin to a rogue in that it equips two swords that intertwine to deal a succession of devastating hits.

Assault Savant

When Aria becomes a part of your team, she will be able to access this position. This role combines scientific inquiry and martial arts training to inflict heavy bodily damage in close quarters.


In Chapter 3B, a new member of your party will arrive: Heine. As your rapport with him grows, the Mechanic position in Harvestella will become available to you. This role of sabotage deals physical damage in the form of melee and ranged attacks. In addition, a Mechanic can cripple the opposition’s defences.


As your friendship with Emo grows in chapter 3B, you will be able to apply for the Woglinde job in Harvestella. This role appears to be a supportive one, as the Siren’s song will heal your party members and inflict water damage on your foes.


In Chapter 3C, Shirka will join your group. This Harvestella job is unlocked through strengthening your bond with her.

This profession is focused on dealing physical and magical damage in large areas using a magical sword.

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