Is Blight Survival on PS 5?

Is Blight Survival on PS 5? Blight: Survival has a new official gameplay trailer out this month, and players are eager to learn more. When it will be released, what platforms it will be available on, and whether or not it will be included in any game subscription packages are all fair game.

Is Blight Survival on PS 5?

There has been no official announcement of supported platforms for Blight: Survival as of this writing. However, the Blight: Survival Twitter has stated that the game would “eventually, certainly” be released on next-gen consoles in addition to PC. The developers also stated, “we would definitely want cross-play” if Blight: Survival was launched for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Is Blight Survival on PS 5?

Given the game’s early development stage, many things could change; for example, if the game receives a lot of pre-release buzz and the developer receives more funding, the game could be released on platforms other than PC. However, at now, it appears that the game will only release on PC. After then, the future of the newest console generation may depend heavily on the game’s reception.

The fact that two people made this game is impressive enough; adding support for more platforms would be much more so.

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