Japanese PC Gaming Market Doubled in 3 Years

Japanese PC Gaming Market Doubled in 3 Years: There are a few markets that do well in the gaming business. These are the Americas, Europe, and Japan. The third has a lot of studios as well, like Nintendo and Capcom. But the markets for PC and mobile games are also very strong in the gaming industry. KADOKAWA ASCII Research Laboratories says that the number of these sold in Japan has doubled in the last three years.

But, as KADOKAWA pointed out, this growth is caused by more than one thing. They have seen that the value of the industry was close to 2 trillion yen ($13.7 billion USD) last year. The size of the market has almost tripled since 2011, when it was worth $5.4 billion. An interesting part of the equation is the place of the PC market.

Japanese PC Gaming Market Doubled in 3 Years

Japanese PC Gaming Market Doubled in 3 Years

KADOKAWA adds his two cents by noting that out of a total of 55,4 million players in 2021, 16 million were using a personal computer. In 2015, they counted 11.6 million; therefore, their claimed increase to 6.9 billion over the previous six years is bogus. Half as many people were playing PC games in 2018 as there are now, and of those 16 million, just roughly 4.5 million play PC games entirely (doubling itself from 2015).

However, Serkantoto did point out that other factors, such as COVID-19 keeping everyone indoors, have contributed to the PC gaming market’s huge development in recent years. Among the many others include the region’s lack of access to the PlayStation 5, the prevalence of PC games (such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’s arrival on Steam in Japan retailers last year after leaving DMM), and the dominance of PC-first titles developed in-house, such as Final Fantasy XIV Online.

Still, when talking about the possibility of making money, you can’t help but make a vague reference to the blockchain. According to Serkantoto, Japan is home to a “strong community of blockchain enthusiasts,” and that community includes Square Enix. It’s also interesting that other companies, like Konami, have joined the blockchain along with Square.

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