Konosuba Fantastic Days Codes (february 2023)

Konosuba: Fantastic Days Codes: The game KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is based on a series of light novels called KonoSuba. It is about a character who is sent to an MMORPG set in a fantasy world. In fantasy days, you will assemble a group of people who will fight against enemies in order to grow stronger. To make the strongest team, you’ll need to collect some currencies, which you can do for free by redeeming codes.

If you want free stuff, our list of KonoSuba Fantastic Days codes will help you find it. We’ve put together a list of all the latest codes that are still valid and can be used right now. If you don’t know how to redeem codes in KonoSuba Fantastic Days, you can find out how to do it below the list of codes! Make sure to mark this page as a favorite by pressing CTRL+D on your keyboard or using the “Add to Favorites” button on your phone.

Konosuba Fantastic Days Codes

Konosuba Fantastic Days Codes (Active)

Here below the codes are given

NEXON2022COMEBACKRedeem this code to get exclusive gifts.
GACHAGAMING200KRedeem this code to get exclusive gifts.
Konojuly2022Redeem this code to get exclusive gifts.
KonoTsikyo22Redeem this code to get 30 skip tickets and 150 quartz.
KonoFobm4ster22Redeem this code to get 30 skip tickets and 150 quartz.
curioussubaRedeem this code to get exclusive gifts.
FANTASTICGIFT4YOURedeem this code to get 10 skip tickets.
KONOFOOLS2022Redeem this code to get 10 skip tickets.
KONOMARCH2022Redeem this code to get 50 skip tickets.
KONORAINERedeem this code to get two stamina beef.
KONOJADERedeem this code to get 30 skip tickets.
HALFANNI2022Redeem this code to get three recruit tickets and 30 smoked lizard burger.
KonoChristmas2021Redeem this code to get 30 smoked lizard burger and 10 skip tickets.
TENHANOV21Redeem this code to get 20 skip tickets and 100 quartz. (New)
FantasticGift09Redeem this code to get 300 quartz and 50,000 eris. (New)

Expired Codes

No expired codes are available.

Redeeming Konosuba Fantastic Days Codes

Of course, codes for cool new gifts are useless if you don’t know how to use them. If you want to get all the free stuff, make sure to follow these steps:

  • Start the game and click on the menu icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • There will be a new window where you can choose “Support” and then “Coupons.”
  • Enter a valid code and then click “Redeem.”

This is the end of our full list of Konosuba Fantastic Days codes. You now know everything you need to know about the codes that are still working and the ones that have already been used. Have fun with your free in-game gifts!

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How Can I Get More Coupon Codes for KonoSuba Fantastic Days?

More new KonoSuba Fantastic Days Coupon Codes are posted on the game’s official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Discord. Gift codes are usually given out by the game’s developers on special occasions like the game’s milestones, popular events, collaborations, and special events. Once the new redemption codes are ready, we’ll add them to this list. You can add this page to your bookmarks and keep coming back to check for new codes.

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