Krafton ready to acquire The Ascent developer Neon Giant

Krafton ready to acquire The Ascent developer Neon Giant: During its recent earnings report, publisher Krafton quietly said that it would buy developer Neon Giant for a price that was not disclosed. The Swedish studio is another big name that Krafton has picked up. It joins Unknown Worlds, which made Subnautica, and Striking Distance Studios, which made The Callisto Protocol.

Krafton ready to acquire The Ascent developer Neon Giant

Overall, this is Krafton’s eighth separate studio. It comes after the company bought mobile developer 5minlab in February. Both of Krafton’s purchases this year are part of its plan to “ensure a steady pipeline of high-quality titles.”

Neon Giant (not to be confused with Neon White from earlier this year) opened its doors in 2018. Its first game, the cyberpunk RPG The Ascent, came out on Xbox and PC in 2021. This year, it came out on PlayStation.

Krafton ready to acquire The Ascent developer Neon Giant

According to Krafton’s earnings slideshow, the next game the company will make will be a first-person shooter with an open world.

In addition to the unannounced Neon Giant game, Krafton is working on a looter shooter called “Black Budget,” a new Subnautica game from Unknown Worlds, and a multiplayer shooter called “Project Roam.”

Moonbreaker, a new tactical miniatures game from Unknown Worlds, had an Early Access version that came out in September.

Beyond shooters, the publisher is establishing a studio in Canada that will develop a video game based on Yeong-do Lee’s Korean fantasy novel, The Bird That Drinks Tears.

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