League of Legends’s Aurelion Sol: Abiliteis & Release Date

League of Legends’s Aurelion Sol League of Legends’ newest champion, Aurelion Sol, will be updated for Season 13. So, this article talks about a lot of different things, like what it can do, when it’s expected to come out, and more.

Even as far back as June 2022, the developers hinted about the upcoming Aurelion Sol overhaul. But when the rework was done, there was no more information about how this champion would look.

When the year 2023 finally arrived, thankfully, one of the most popular YouTubers in the League of Legends community, Skin Spotlight, made all the pertinent details about Aurelion Sol public. He has such a solid reputation that people assume Riot Games intentionally shared the information with him.

League of Legends's Aurelion Sol

Information on the latest League of Legends update, Aurelion Sol.

When first introduced to League of Legends, Aurelion Sol quickly rose to prominence as a top champion. Because of his one-of-a-kindness, certain players, such as G2 Caps, would constantly harass him in solo queue.

Although Aurelion Sol was once a popular League of Legends champion, he quickly fell out of favor as the game’s dominant champion. Thus, Riot Games picked him up and gave him kit a total facelift after numerous requests from the community.

Aurelion Sol: Release Date

Aurelion Sol’s CGU should be on the live servers when League of Legends patch 13.1 comes out on february 10, 2023.

League of Legends’s Aurelion Sol: Abiliteis

After the CGU, Aurelion Sol’s abilities are as follows:


Every ability of Aurelion Sol that hurts an enemy turns them into Stardust. In turn, this will make his own abilities do more damage.

Breath of Light (Q)

For a few seconds, Aurelion Sol channels his dragon breath, hurting the first enemy he hits and dealing less damage to nearby enemies. Every second that the breath is directed directly at an enemy, it does more damage. This damage is increased by the amount of Stardust collected. If the target is a champion, this skill will collect Stardust from them.

Astral Flight (W)

Aurelion Sol will be able to fly freely over any kind of terrain. When he’s in this state, he’ll be able to use all of his powers. But if he casts Q while W is active, Q won’t have a cooldown or a maximum amount of time it can be channeled. Aside from that, he does more damage when he is flying.

If a champion dies that Aurelion Sol just hurt, the cooldown of W will be shortened. Collecting Stardust will also increase its maximum range.

Singularity (E)

Aurelion Sol calls up a black hole that hurts enemies and pulls them slowly toward its center. This ability gives Stardust every time an enemy dies inside the black hole and every second that an enemy champion is stuck inside it.

When an enemy is below a certain percentage of their maximum health, the center of the black hole kills them. Stardust makes both the size and the execution threshold of Singularity bigger.

Falling Star (R)

Aurelion Sol will drop a star on Earth, which will do magic damage and stun every champion it hits. This ability will also give Stardust, the amount of which will depend on how many champions it affects. Once Aurelion Sol has collected enough Stardust, the ability will change into The Skies Descend.

The Skies Fall: Now, Aurelion Sol will crash an even bigger star onto Earth, which will do even more damage and have a much larger area of effect. This skill won’t stun enemies; instead, it will knock them into the air. A shockwave will also be sent out, which will slow down any enemies it hits.

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