Lucifer Obey Me: All Details About the Characters 2023

Lucifer Obey Me: In the demon family depicted in Obey Me!, Lucifer serves as the patriarch. In case he happens to drop by unexpectedly, you won’t feel unprepared thanks to this handy tip.

Some of the most terrifying people in Obey Me! are represented by Lucifer, the Pride Avatar. A lot of gamers enjoy his harshness because it challenges them. To quickly gain Intimacy with him and gain access to more events, he occasionally invites random people to surprise parties.

Learn how to improve your odds of getting a Surprise Guest event with Lucifer and how to make the most of them when they do come up with the help of this handy guide. Take a look below to see what the Morning Star enjoys doing and what makes the ideal presents for them.

Lucifer Obey Me

Lucifer Obey Me: Character Information

Birthday: June 6
Star sign: Gemini
Race: Demon
Likes: Tea with Diavolo
Dislikes: Enemies of Diavolo
Sin: Pride

Among the seven demon brothers, Lucifer is the most senior and represents the attribute of pride. He is the vice president of the student council and Lord Diavolo’s closest buddy and right-hand man. This man is a perfect but cruel sadist. If necessary, he uses force to keep the brothers together.

Obey Me Lucifer gifts

  • Poison Apple
  • Book
  • Message card
  • Poison
  • Flower

How To Trigger Lucifer’s Surprise Guest Visits

After a successful battle in which Lucifer takes part, he, like the rest of the game’s cast, may show up as a Surprise Guest. Due to the random nature of Surprise Guests, you may have to fight through multiple encounters before you finally obtain one. As long as Lucifer is on your side, he has a one-in-three chance of being your Surprise Guest after a battle, as the Surprise Guest is always one of the three characters represented by the Demon Cards you played.

If you make Lucifer your home screen avatar, you can count on him paying you random visits every so often. Every so often, a speech bubble with an ellipsis inside of it will appear on the Home Screen, and tapping it will bring up a Surprise Guest event starring the character you’ve chosen. Just like in combat, you won’t be able to initiate an event every time you visit the Home Screen, but at least you’ll know that whenever one does happen, you’ll be able to obtain the desired character.


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