Metal Triangle Foundation Constructions, Regions of Painting & Color

Metal Triangle Foundation is the third triangle foundation that can be unlocked. Any kind of house or storage building needs to be built on a foundation.

Metal Triangle Foundation: Construction

The surface on which a Metal TriangleFoundation is set does not need to be completely flat. Assuming there is enough room and ground, successive Metal Triangle Foundations may simply be snapped into position along the first one to create a perfectly straight line.

Metal Triangle Foundation

Only when walls, ceilings, and other such objects are positioned exactly on top of a foundation do they receive the structural support they need. There can be a maximum of two ceilings along the x and y axes and one along the diagonal. However, walls cannot be built to the far end because of the low ceilings.


All parts of a structure that are dependent on the foundation will be destroyed if the foundation is damaged or destroyed. There will be no compensation for these unused materials if the structure was demolished.

Explosives, the Tek Rifle, the Tek Saddle, a Titanosaur, an Arthropluera, a Corrupted Creature, an Angry Creature, a Titan, a Boss, or a DodoRex are the only things that can damage the Metal Triangle Foundation because it is treated as a metal construction.

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Regions of Painting and Color

While there are no paintable places on the Metal Triangle Foundation at present, this may change in a future patch.


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