Monster Party in Summoners War: Chronicles

Monster Party in Summoners War: Chronicles is based on a series of tactical fantasy RPGs called Summoners War. Summoners War usually has turn-based battles, but the huge, beautiful environment is different. It has a lot of activities and goals that can be done alone or with a group.

The events of Summoners War: Sky Arena’s renowned sequel, Summoners War: Chronicles, take place beforehand. You can choose to go with the brave and strong Cleaf, the little yet magically talented Kina, or the mighty Orbia. The two of you journey across numerous diverse ecosystems, like the ethereal forests of Ayah, the ancient lands of Rudelin, the lovely, freezing Flurence, and many more.

Monster Party in Summoners War: Chronicles

Monster Party in Summoners War: Chronicles

Over 350 different types of Monsters are available for capture, collection, and training at any given location. The heavenly Archangel and the mischievous Joker are just two examples of the many recognisable Monsters in Summoners War: Chronicles. You’ll be meeting other monsters for the first time. You have the duty of facilitating their development to their fullest potential: As long as the Summoner puts in the time and effort to teach them, even a low-tier Monster can become an effective weapon in the right hands.

The key to victory in Summoners War: Chronicles is to combine Monsters and increase your equipment. You need also consider the elemental composition of each biome you explore, as Monsters are highly attuned to the relative strengths and weaknesses of various elements. When pitted against a water-based Monster, wind can deal damage, but fire can easily defeat it.

The forces of Light and Darkness are at odds with one another. Like in Summoners War: Sky Arena, Summoners War: Chronicles features a give-and-take between the elements. But the Monsters aren’t fighting alone. As you progress through the plot of Summoners War: Chronicles, you’ll be able to strengthen and personalise your Summoner. With time, you’ll be able to assemble the ideal group of influential, top-tier buddies.

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