Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings (January 2023): Gameplay

Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings: With the release of Version 1.0.1, the makers of Cookie Run Kingdom have expanded the roster by one more cookie. Anyone who has played any of the Cookie Run games knows that there is a never-ending supply of cookies, precious prizes, and bonus items to utilise in the game. Moon Rabbit Cookie was added to the assortment of cookies in the second instalment of the Heart of Courage and Passion update.

Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings

The joyous Moon Rabbit Cookie was baked with rice harvested from the rich soils of the Cookie World. This Cookie always has sweet rice cakes tucked into her chubby cheeks. Even though her desire for more rice cakes may be one of the most powerful forces in the Universe, it may endear her to some people. If her craving gets bad enough, she might transform into a giant Rice Cake Bunny and wreak SWEET HAVOC on anyone who gets in her way. Brave Cookies once tried to control the enormous Rice Cake Bunny by forming a human chain around her. Every time there’s a full moon, the Cookies have a tradition of holding hands and dancing in circles.

Moon Rabbit Cookie’s Giant Rice Cake Bunny form allows her to jump high into the air, delivering damage to anybody in her path. This Skill inflicts a Healing Rice Cake on opponents, which, upon their destruction, heals allies. The extent of the healing performed is situational. While utilising her Skill, Moon Rabbit Cookie is more resilient to disruptions.

The skill becomes a Rice Cake Bunny at set intervals. The Rice Cake Bunny adds honey to regular jelly to make honey rice cake jelly. After a certain amount of time has passed, she transforms into a giant rice cake bunny that can easily smash through barriers. As she consumes more jellies, her body expands. The transformation rate is increased by the Level Up effect.

Cooldown: 14 seconds
Single hit DMG: 127.9 percent (+1.7 percent per level)
Healing (Cookies): 253 percent of ATK 
Healing Cake: heals all allies if the target is defeated within 10 seconds
Self-healing: 160 percent of ATK
Healing (non-Cookies): 24.2 percent of ATK 

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A Gacha is the only place to get the Epic Moon Rabbit Cookie. She has the advantage of being in the front row as a defence candidate. You can try the gacha multiple times, but there’s only a 0.51% chance of winning the cookie each time. In addition to using cookie cutters, players in Cookie Run Kingdom can also use crystals to create Moon Rabbit Cookies.

In addition to the Gacha, you can also summon the cookie by gathering Moon Rabbit Soulstones. Dark Mode World Exploration is where you’ll find the Soulstones. Since you already know where to find the cookie in CRK, you might as well find out how formidable she is.

Her skill is making giant rice cake bunnies. For the duration of this ability, Moon Rabbit assumes the form of a giant rice cake bunny and leaps from platform to platform, dealing constant damage to his foes. As an added bonus, she sustains minimal injury from using the ability.

The default cooldown for her ability is 14 seconds. On the plus side, it helps the allies recover health once the enemy force has been wiped out. In addition, she can repair 160% of her own wounds. Everything else you wanted to know about Moon Rabbit Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom is right there.

Almonds, Rapid Chocolate, Swift Chocolate, and a little patience would make the ideal toppings for Moon Rabbit Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

Five servings of the solid almond topping are required to give the frontline Moon Rabbit increased defences against DMG. It will aid in improving DMG absorption and survival rates.

You also have the option of going the whole Swift Chocolate route or settling for a hybrid solution that combines Swift Chocolate with Swift Almonds. In our opinion, the best way to pair with Moon Rabbit Cookies is with a 5-piece solid almond topping set.

5 amounts of Solid Almond (Highly recommended) 
3 amounts of Swift Choco + 2 amounts of Solid Almond OR 2 amounts of Swift Chocolate + 3 amounts of Swift Almond. 
5 amounts of Swift Choco.

As a result of our cookie’s distinctive qualities, there are countless ways in which you can customise your very own Moon Rabbit Cookie. How you and your team decide to construct the coolie is entirely up to you and your fellow players.

Use Squishy Jelly Watch to reduce cooldown times and boost attack power.

It will give you an edge in battle and make Moon Rabbit Cookie better at healing. You can use Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather to bring back a fallen cookie if you use it in the arena, so it’s worth considering.


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