Nintendo Switch Annouced The Launching of ‘Oregon Trail’

Nintendo Switch Annouced The Launching of ‘Oregon Trail‘:The game’s publisher, Gameloft, made the announcement on Tuesday. At the end of November, a new version of the popular computer lab game will be available for PC through Steam, the Microsoft Store, and Nintendo.

The Steam page for Gameloft’s The Oregon Trail states that it is a sequel to the original game and offers “a modern take on the challenges and tribulations on the trip to Oregon.” The game’s publisher says that players will be “immersed in exciting travels that range from historically accurate to absolutely extreme” on the game’s fifteen playable journeys and seven objectives that are based on historical events.

Nintendo Switch Annouced The Launching of 'Oregon Trail'

Oregon Tail Launching Date On Nintendo Switch

The goal of the game remains the same: make it to Oregon with your party before winter sets in. Your decisions will have a direct impact on the game’s result, from the people you choose to recruit and the skills they bring to the table to the food you stock the wagon with, the maintenance you provide the oxen, and everything in between. Along the way, you’ll be able to learn about local wildlife while also making new friends.

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The Oregon Tail: New Feature

A specific date was not disclosed by the publisher, but we can expect it at the end of November. There will be a new fishing minigame with over 80 species, as well as the return of hunting and rafting, as well as all the old risks (including damaged limbs, river fording, bringing explosives through the desert, blizzards, snakebites, famine, weariness, and, yes, dysentery).

In November, Gameloft said the game would be available soon. Try out the updated version of “The Oregon Trail” in the meantime (really).

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