Obey Me Mammon 2023: Personality, Story and Gifts

Obey Me Mammon: Mammon, the second eldest of the seven demon brothers, is also the first to make a contract with MC. He is the embodiment of greed. He plays an important role in the plot of Obey Me! They Need Only One Ruler All of these factors contribute to the game’s intimacy system, making it possible for players to connect with him and deepen their feelings for him.

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Obey Me Mammon

Birthday: September 10
Star sign: Virgo
Race: Demon
Likes: Money
Dislikes: Work
Sin: Greed

Mammon, also known as The Great Mammon, is the vile second-born and avatar of greed who covets every penny that may be made. You are paired with him at the beginning of the game, and despite the fact that he plainly has a soft spot for you, he insists he doesn’t. His vulnerability lies with the witches.

Obey Me Mammon gifts

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  • Manga
  • Noodles

Mammon Personality

Mammon is the embodiment of avarice; he is always on the lookout for methods to get rich quickly with no effort. According to the discussion titled “First Thing in the Morning,” one of Mammon’s first actions upon waking up is to examine his stock portfolio. Beelzebub’s Devilgram Unspoken Affection claims that a “Demon Brain Scan” using the D.D.D. app revealed that “money” occupied 90% of Mammon’s brain.

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Mammon Background Story

Michael tried to train Mammon as an archangel, but Mammon’s mischievous and defiant attitude eventually got the better of him. As a result of being given to Lucifer, who helped him see the light, Mammon has been faithful to him ever since. His loyalty to Lucifer earned him a promotion to the throne, and later, an assistant position with the fallen angel. Angels like Beelzebub, Belphegor, and Lilith, all much younger than he, used to fall under his watchful eye.

During the Great Celestial War, he sided with Lucifer and his siblings, but once they were defeated, he abandoned them and became a demon on his own. During this period, he was a rock for Lucifer as they all adjusted to life in the Devildom. When Satan was born, he had a hand in “raising” him as well, but to what extent is unknown.

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