One Piece Every version of Vegapunk & what they signify

One Piece: Every version of Vegapunk & what they signify: One Piece 1065 is the first chapter to include all six Vegapunks in their full glory, and it finally gave the audience a chance to meet them. The approach led to the identification of feelings connected to each Vegapunk, with each character appearing to personify a different facet of existence or thought.

Furthermore, it appears that all of the Vegapunks’ mental capacities are managed by the Vegapunks who represent the physical components of existence. While the Vegapunks and the emotions and truths of life they represent are fascinating, many One Piece fans have questions about who they are and why they are important.

One Piece Every version of Vegapunk & what they signify

Anime: One Piece Every version of Vegapunk & what they signify

Vegapunk 01, Shaka, Signify good

Vegapunk Shaka is first on the roster because he is the Vegapunks’ champion. In addition, he looks to be the group’s head, the primary “Stella” body referenced by Vegapunk Lilith in an earlier issue (based on the context and hints given so far).

It’s clear that Shaka is the most level-headed of the bunch because he treats the Straw Hats with respect and kindness. He thwarted attacks by Vegapunk Lilith and the Jinbe Seraphim on two different occasions, further strengthening his position as an exemplar of Vegapunk’s better qualities.

Vegapunk 02, Lilith, Signify Evil

In contrast to the good-natured Vegapunk Shaka of One Piece, the villainous Lilith of Vegapunk 02 represents everything that is wrong with the world. Given what we’ve seen of Lilith so far, this seems like a rather broad term. As evidence, we have her trapping the Straw Hats in a corner upon their arrival on Egghead Island and her provoking a fight between Sanji’s party and the Jinbe Seraphim in One Piece chapter 1065.

Further proof that she personifies the evil of Vegapunk’s personality may be found in her encounters with Shaka, in which the two are constantly in direct opposition or at odds with one another. Even though they haven’t spent much time together so far, the contrast in their personalities is clear.

Vegapunk 03, Edison, (Thinker)

Vegapunk 03, often known as Edison, is the franchise’s resident thinker. He made his debut in Chapter 1065 of One Piece. Given that he disappears shortly after being introduced to fans in order to begin a fresh experiment and think of a new creation, this term could be used interchangeably with “creator.”

Since we’ve only just met him, it’s difficult to draw any firm conclusions about his character. There isn’t much more to say about him, other than the fact that he gets quite flustered when the Straw Hats start fighting back against the Seraphim, suggesting that the work he and the other Vegapunks perform is very important to him.

Vegapunk 04, Pythagoras, (wisdom)

Vegapunk 04, Pythagoras, is up next; he exemplifies the wisdom of Vegapunk. In addition, Pythagoras is first seen in One Piece chapter 1065, where he is shown processing the battle data from the Jinbe Seraphim’s encounter with the Straw Hats. Additionally, he appears to be overjoyed about it, as he enthusiastically extols the uniqueness of the information as he scrambles to type it.

A second demonstration of Pythagoras’s brilliance is found in his inferences about the Seraphim based on the battle data, such as his suggestion that lineage factors preserve memory and capacities. The fans have learned all there is to know about him at this point because he is not shown again in the issue in any way that further characterizes him.

Vegapunk 05, Atlas, (violence)

Vegapunk 05, Atlas, stands for violence and is the next Vegapunk satellite in the One Piece series. Fans of One Piece are likely familiar with her by now; she is a symbol of the rage within Vegapunk and was introduced in early volumes of the series. She seems nice when you first meet her, but if she gets angry, she may turn aggressive.

We don’t learn much more about her, however it is clear that she takes exception to the bounds of their investigation. This is regrettably all that can be disclosed about her at this time; however, fans will likely find out more as she makes subsequent appearances in the Egghead Island storyline.

Vegapunk 06, York, (Greed)

York, Vegapunk 06, was the most recent and final character to be revealed; he stands for greed. It appears that she is responsible for the eating, sleeping, and restroom needs of the other Vegapunks, making her the Vegapunk satellite with the most human qualities. Indications of this include Edison’s request that York prepare food for him and the relief shown by Edison, Pythagoras, and York after York had used the restroom.

Also, aside from the aforementioned physical pursuits, she appears to be one of the more carefree Vegapunks presented in One Piece thus far. This would suggest, once more, that she is accountable for the physical requirements of life and existence for all six Vegapunks.

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