Persona 5 Kaneshiro Codes (february 2023)

Persona 5 Kaneshiro codes (february 2023): Persona 5 has a lot of hard jobs and situations to get through, but the numerical puzzles at Kaneshiro’s Palace can be especially hard when you’re trying to plan the perfect heist. You may stop banging your head against the keyboard in search of the Persona 5 Kaneshiro codes and instead use our handy cheat sheet.

Persona 5 Kaneshiro Codes

Persona 5 Kaneshiro codes (february 2023)

The money-laundering offices in Kaneshiro’s Palace lead to a massive vault chamber below ground. To access the many tumblers within, you’ll find a number of PIN pads. The PINs have been hidden in piggy banks off the main passage, and hints to them can be found on the torn pages of Kaneshiro’s journal.

Each of the hints is provided below:

  • Kaneshiro’s journal – R=C=0, I=1, H=2
  • Torn page one – P=1
  • Torn page two – E=9, A=3
  • Torn page three – U=A (so U=3)
  • Torn page four – G=P (so G=1)
  • Torn page five – O+H=10 (so O=8)
  • Torn page six – L=U+G (so L=4), D=G (so D=1)

Using this data plus the text etched on each panel, we can figure out the necessary PINs for you:

  • Panel one (RICH) – 0102
  • Panel two (REAP) – 0931
  • Panel three (HUGE) – 2319
  • Panel four (GOLD) – 1841

Expired Codes

There are currently no expired Kaneshiro codes

How to redeem Kaneshiro codes?

Just go to one of the access terminals to use a Kaneshiro code. Then, a panel with numbers will pop up, and you’ll need to enter the right combination to open the door or turn on the device.

Next, we’ll leave you with a short video that shows how to use these tricks to explore Kaneshiro’s palace and get out alive.

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