Pokemon Go Ditto (february 2023) Complete Solution

In Pokemon Go Ditto is a rare Pokémon that can change into any other Pokémon it meets. It is a Normal-type Pokémon, and it is not very strong in battle, but it has the ability to transform into any other Pokémon it encounters, taking on the strengths and weaknesses of that Pokémon.

Ditto is often used for breeding purposes because it can breed with any other Pokémon. Ditto is a very rare Pokémon, and it can be difficult to find in the wild. However, it can sometimes be obtained through special events or by completing certain in-game challenges.

About Pokemon Go Ditto

The Evolution of the Pokemon Go Pokemon Ditto The Pokemon that is most commonly referred to as Ditto is one of the most difficult to catch in Pokemon Go. This one-of-a-kind Pokemon has the power to morph into any other Pokemon that is discovered and duplicate its moveset, Combat Power, and other attributes. There is also a glossy version of Ditto, which is significantly less prevalent than the standard version.

Pokemon Go Ditto (January 2023) Complete Solution

Niantic, the company that created the most famous mobile game, decided to provide Pokemon Trainers with a list of probable Ditto disguises because it is extremely tough to come across a Ditto and a Shiny Ditto in Pokemon Go. As a result of this challenge, Niantic decided to help Trainers out. The odds of running across or acquiring a Ditto are significantly lower than 3%, making them one of the unlikeliest of occurrences.

Ditto has caused a lot of troubles in the past for many Trainers, including the possibility that another Shiny Pokemon they captured will transform into Ditto. Nevertheless, this problem has been fixed, and trainers no longer need to be frightened about their immaculate Shiny Pokemon developing into a Ditto.

If you happen to come across a Shiny Pokemon that is featured on the list of guises that Ditto can use, keep in mind that it is not possible for it to convert into Ditto, nor will it do so if you manage to capture it.

As was said earlier, Niantic distributes monthly lists of the disguises that are already available for Ditto. As promised, here is the list of possible disguises for Ditto as of february 2023.

Pokemon Go Ditto (february 2023)

  • Drowzee
  • Dwebble
  • Foongus
  • Gastly
  • Gulpin
  • Numel
  • Remoraid
  • Stunky
  • Teddiursa

This list can be helpful whether you are trying to avoid encountering Ditto or you are trying to seek it down in order to complete your Pokedex collection.


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