Pokémon GO Event Review 2022: Get New Information

Pokémon GO Event Review: Again, Pokémon GO’s annual Halloween event has come and gone. Players look forward to this every year since, together with the holiday event, it is the most anticipated non-ticketed event of the year. Since this year’s event is split into two parts, let’s evaluate it to determine if Niantic gave Pokémon GO players a Halloween event they could get behind. Let’s start with the first part.

Pokémon GO Event Review

Pokémon GO Event Review

What worked about this Pokémon GO event?

  • This first week was defined by two Shiny releases: Shiny Galarian Yamask was made available through raids, eggs, and research, and Shiny Noibat was made available through eggs, making for a powerful hatching event with little else to offer. This Shiny item was the deciding factor for me, however I really wish other features were more robust.
  • Mega Banette: It’s been fantastic to have exciting and helpful new Mega Raids released to make up for the Halloween event’s Tier Five difficulty for the past two years in a row. At the very least during the first several days of the event, Mega Banette was a fantastic method to keep raiding engaging.
  • A pleasant vibe: this is a flaw in an otherwise favorable situation, yet it merits note. The event’s Niantic soundtrack is old Lavender Town-themed music, which gives off powerful scary sensations. The fall-themed adjustments to the map did a wonderful job of creating the mood for the proceedings. On the other hand, I do long for the days when the event began in the dead of night, when a nighttime hunt served as the official opener.

What about this Pokémon GO event didn’t work?

  • We conducted one free Special Research and two paid Timed Researches this year. There was decent free Special Research, excellent paid #1 Galarian Yamask-themed Timed Research, and terrible paid $5 research. When it was all said and done, these three felt less exciting than the free Special Research questlines given out in previous years.
  • I already explained that the most thrilling aspect of Halloween used to be Tier Five raids. Something changed three years ago, when shiny Mewtwo was unleashed for Halloween and Darkrai landed on raids as an unofficial Tier Six. Since Niantic stopped adding fresh releases to Tier Five, they’ve been using the same old Darkrai and Giratina for their creepy factor during events. A better choice for a Halloween raid monster would have been Guzzlord, the Ultra Beast who will be available for raids in November. Swap them around!
  • This is it, Spiritomb? A chance was slim for us. Given that Spiritomb is rarely seen outside of the Halloween event, it would make sense to provide us more opportunities to hunt this rare Pokémon after its Shiny release last year.
  • Niantic was saving the real bangers for the upcoming second installment, so the wild spawns were rather stale. For the sake of continuity, I really wish that some of the previously costumed Pokémon had been included here, so that Part Two could have centered on the new costumes.

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