Pokemon Unite studio: Monster Hunter mobile game

Pokemon Unite Studio: Monster Hunter mobile game: TiMi Studio Group and Capcom are working together to make a Monster Hunter mobile game for handheld devices that will “recreate the hunting actions that define the Monster Hunter series.” At the moment, we don’t know what this will look like, but TiMi has a lot of experience making mobile games, which will probably help with this new adventure.

The studio made Call of Duty: Mobile and Pokemon Unite, as well as other games like Honor of Kings and Arena of Valor. It is still one of the most prolific mobile game developers in the world.

Pokemon Unite studio: Monster Hunter mobile game

Monster Hunter mobile game coming from Pokemon Unite studio

It’s likely that whatever Capcom makes will be interesting, whether it directly adapts the third-person Monster Hunter formula, in which players hunt down and kill a variety of monsters, or goes in a different direction.

The game is said to be a “unique” mobile experience for both new and old players, but there aren’t many details yet. It doesn’t have a release date yet, but both Capcom and TiMi are getting people excited about it.

Notably, this is not the first time that Capcom’s series has been available on mobile devices. Monster Hunter Stories, a game for the Nintendo DS, was improved and released for mobile devices in 2017. After that, it was added to the Apple Arcade subscription service and has been a big hit with both new and old Monster Hunter fans.

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It’s a great place to start the long-running series, and it probably helped pave the way for the upcoming mobile game. This new experience may not have as much of a story as the Stories series, but it will likely pay tribute to Monster Hunter’s past and future in the same way.

With TiMi in charge and the studio’s recent success with Pokemon Unite, this mobile version is expected to do well. Stay tuned to find out more about the game’s plans and what to expect when it finally comes out for iOS and Android.


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