Puzzle platformer The Gecko Gods now comes out on Switch

Puzzle platformer The Gecko Gods now comes out on Switch: The Gecko Gods, a puzzle platformer, will come out for Switch and PC (Steam) at the same time in 2023, publisher Super Rare Originals and developer Inresin said.

Puzzle platformer The Gecko Gods now comes out on Switch

About: Puzzle platformer The Gecko Gods

The Gecko Gods is a cool puzzle platformer about a small gecko who is trying to save a friend while exploring a mysterious island. With unique, immersive gameplay that lets you climb anything, solve ancient puzzles, and climb through the crumbling ruins of a fallen society—and if you get hungry along the way, eat some bugs.

  • Explore Hidden Treasures lets you explore an open island full of secrets and collectibles, as well as dive into ancient tombs to solve puzzles in ways that only a gecko who can climb walls can.
  • Experience a Lost Civilization: The Gecko Gods is an atmospheric journey into the depths of a society that has been lost to time. It has smooth controls, a beautiful original soundtrack, and little fighting.
  • It’s Your Way to Play – Explore at your own pace? Puzzle-platformer that makes your head hurt?
  • Collectibles completionist? Find out about the history of the island and everything it has to offer, wander around for hours just for fun, or play through the campaign story.

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