Remedy is officially working on Control 2

Remedy is officially working on Control 2: Officially, Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that Control 2, a major sequel to the surreal hit Control, is being made right now. Remedy and 505 Games will work together to make and release the game. In a press release about the news, it was said that the budget for development was 50 million euros, and that 505 and Remedy would each put in money after development was done.

Control 2 will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC. It will be built on Remedy’s Northlight engine, which was used for the first Control game (as well as Quantum Break.)

“Control is the game that 505 Games has put the most money into, so it has a special place in our hearts.” Rami and Raffi Galante, co-CEOs of Digital Bros Group and 505 Games, said of the upcoming project, “We are grateful to the whole player community for making Control such a long-lasting and beloved game.” We’re even more excited to release Control 2.”

Remedy is officially working on Control 2

Remedy is officially working on Control 2

In the same press release, Tero Virtala, the CEO of Remedy, said that “Project Heron,” which had been announced before, is actually “Control 2.” It was announced before as a “control game with a bigger budget,” but nobody knew for sure that it was a sequel.

After the events of the first game concluded, protagonist Jesse Faden became director of the Federal Bureau of Control and launched a wider investigation into a reality “incursion” into the universe of previous Remedy blockbuster Alan Wake.

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There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the universes and the relationships between them, but it seems safe to assume that this crossover will lead into both Alan Wake 2 and Control 2. There was a tease at the end of the AWE DLC chapter for Control that said Faden would be transferred to Bright Falls (the town where Alan Wake is based), but we have yet to see if this implication is fulfilled.

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