Risk of Rain 2 Item Tier List : Get All Characters

Risk of Rain 2 Item Tier List: In Risk of Rain 2 players must find ways to stay alive against an ever-worsening monster on planet Petrichor V. Among its eleven playable classes, players take on one personality from among eleven classes that each possess their own set of skills and tools.

Each survivor in Risk of Rain 2 equips powerful weapons and armor in order to combat the formidable beasts they will come up against. When used together or individually these small trinkets enhance offensive, defensive and support capabilities of its user. Although some items in Risk of Rain 2 might seem useless when up against massive beasts value is determined not by rarity but function and intended use we have compiled a list of items in Risk of Rain 2 according to their relative importance so you may choose which ones you should collect or forgo.

Risk of Rain 2 Item Tier List

About: Risk of Rain 2 Item Tier List

Gearbox Publishing and Hopoo Games were behind the video game Risk of Rain 2 an Roguelike video game set in third person perspective and featuring Roguelike mechanics that can be enjoyed solo or by multiple people online. The official release date was 11 August 2020 but an early preview version may be seen before then on PC, Switch, PS4 or Xbox One devices.

Risk of Rain 2 Item Tier List

S Tier Items

  1. Will-o’-the-wisp
  2. ATG Missile MK 1
  3. Predatory Instincts
  4. Soldier’s Syringe
  5. Disposable Missile Launcher
  6. Soulbound Catalyst
  7. Paul’s Goat Hoof
  8. Shattering Justice
  9. Harvester’s Scythe
  10. Gesture of The Drowned
  11. Lens Makers Glasses
  12. Tougher Times
  13. Crowbar
  14. 57 Leaf Clover

A Tier Items

  1. Halcyon Seed
  2. Tritip Dagger
  3. Royal Capacitor
  4. Fuel Cell
  5. Backup Magazine
  6. Stun Grenade
  7. Berzerker’s Pauldron
  8. Hopoo Feather
  9. Infusion
  10. Unstable Tesla Coil

B Tier Items

  1. Ceremonial Dagger
  2. Titanic Knurl
  3. Genesis Loop
  4. Kjaro’s Band
  5. Shaped Glass
  6. Ukulele
  7. Old Guillotine
  8. Bundle of Fireworks
  9. Gnarled Woodsprite
  10. Rose Buckler
  11. Topaz Brooch
  12. Shaped Glass
  13. Focus Crystal
  14. Ceremonial Dagger
  15. Runald’s Band
  16. Jade Elephant

C Tier Items

  1. Pearl
  2. Transcendence
  3. Gasoline
  4. Wax Quail
  5. Pearl
  6. Brilliant Behemoth
  7. Preon Accumulator
  8. Aegis
  9. Pearl
  10. Queen’s Gland
  11. Preon Accumulator
  12. War Horn
  13. Energy Drink
  14. Beads of Fealty
  15. The Backup
  16. Armor Piercing Rounds
  17. Fuel Array
  18. Irradiant Pearl
  19. Sticky Bomb
  20. Priomordial Cube
  21. War Banner

D Tier Items

  1. Ocular HUD
  2. Resonance Disc
  3. Bandolier
  4. Old War Stealth Kit
  5. Razor Wire
  6. Fresh Meat
  7. Rusted Key
  8. Hardlight Afterburner
  9. Chronobuable
  10. Bustling Fungus
  11. Medkit
  12. Lepton Daisy
  13. Dio’s Best Friend.
  14. Happiest Mask
  15. Cautious Slug
  16. Leeching Seed
  17. Brainstalks
  18. Red Whip
  19. Rusted Key
  20. Alien Head

F Tier Items

  1. Ghor’s Tome
  2. Frost Relic
  3. Blast Shower
  4. The Crowdfunder
  5. Monster Tooth
  6. Milky Chrysalis
  7. H3AD-5T v2
  8. Little Disciple
  9. Spinel Tonic
  10. Brittle Crown
  11. Effigy of Grief
  12. Eccentric Vase
  13. Volcanic Egg
  14. Radar Scanner
  15. Foreign Fruit
  16. Visions of Heresy
  17. Rejuvenation Rack
  18. Wake of Vultures
  19. Helfire Tincture
  20. Strides of Heresy
  21. Corpsebloom
  22. Effigy of Grief
  23. Glowing Meteorite
  24. N’Kuhanas Opinion


Finally I hope you have enjoyed this post on the Risk of Rain 2 Tier List. To assist in selecting the ideal gear in Risk of Rain 2 we have ranked every item from best to worst in this game.

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