The 5 Best Squidbillies Characters

The 5 Best Squidbillies Characters: Squidbillies takes place in “the deepest backwoods buttcrack of Georgia,” as one episode says. I, on the other hand, have a special tie to that deep woods. I was born in Georgia, more specifically North Georgia, so I am the best person to judge the content and characters of this weird show that is obsessed with the South. So, here are the best characters from one of the weirdest and most troubled shows on Adult Swim.

The 5 Best Squidbillies Characters

1. Dan Halen: Squidbillies Characters

This hairy man-thing is the source of all evil, as it has a long history of being linked to horrific events including the Black Plague, Nazis, mediaeval torture, and more. The first episode of the series features his creation, “The Baby Death Hammock,” which accomplishes exactly what it says on the label, and Dan Halen has only gotten worse since then. Hell’s gates are open, clone armies are at the ready, and he’s fixed the lottery.

The pool he built is an above-ground pool in the middle of an artificial lake. As an additional measure, he has hired David Allan Coe to manipulate Early Cuyler into committing acts of domestic terrorism. Dan Halen promotes Southern corporate and political interests in a way that is as undiluted and extreme as the evil he represents.

2. Some Bros: Squidbillies Characters

These characters only appear in one episode, yet I can’t stop thinking about them. Squidbillies goes above and beyond by taking the trope of the transplant “dude” who moves to the South and develops a passion for Southern culture very literally, which is both hilarious and incredibly realistic. These boys become dependent on Early’s awful still-made “pine cone liquor,” which acts as a gateway drug to the far more widespread use of GLUG. Perhaps the most nihilistic episode of the entire series, it is a scathing indictment on modern humanity as a whole. And you can thank the guys for that.

3. Ga Ga Peep Pap Cuyler

Violent offender As the father of Early, Ga Ga Peep Pap is also Rusty’s grandfather. In his episode, he serves as the catalyst for two fantastic storylines: the “con has hidden money” plot and the “Early has daddy issues” narrative. When it comes to the latter, the brilliant sentence “now you get on back there and tell that man to tell me where that blasted money is, but you also tell him that I ignore him the same way he ignored me” is generated. Don’t give him any information, period.

You should confront him directly and tell him to “stop his damn mouth!” Ga Ga Peep Pap gives Squidbillies a chance to bring it all with an outstanding dusting of Justified, continuing their tradition of constantly draining new genres in service of their strange parody of Lifetime flicks and Southern cliches. To aid in his prison break, he has also trained bees.

4. David Allan Coe

An early Squidbillies episode takes the form of a line dancing rags-to-riches story, and David Allan Coe seems to be the perfect stand-in. Drought is an ongoing issue in Georgia, thus the conversation inevitably turns to potential solutions. Dan Halen may have tried to make a water park out of spit and wolf urine, but the fact remains that water is required. The Squidbillies’ anthem, “Dam Jam,” as performed by David Allan Coe. It’s a wild country song about a regular guy who blows up government buildings to end a water restriction. It’s time to set up the detonator. Coos, coos.

5. The Sheriff

The sheriff of Dougal County is the law enforcement authority in the county. A perpetual downer, he spends his days smoking cigarettes and daydreaming about a better life as a dancer, fitness expert, or something else. Because he is often killed off in gruesome ways and then comes back unharmed in later episodes, it seems like we are seeing some kind of Kenny from South Park plot twist. But it isn’t, since the sheriff is involved in a Dan Halen-led plot to raise a clone army of hybrid sheriffs out of cornstalks. Even the most miserable sheriffs provide fresh material for the series.


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