Teddiursa Community Day Pokemon Go Shiny haul

Teddiursa Community Day Pokemon Go Shiny Haul: On Teddiursa Community Day, a Pokemon Go player got a lot of Shiny Pokemon and showed off 23 Shiny Teddiursa and 1 Shiny Ursaluna. Niantic even had something to say about the player’s amazing collection.

Community Days in Pokemon Go are the best time to try to get a Shiny. Even though only the featured Pokemon species have a higher chance of showing up in their other color, the odds are much better than in mainline games, and most shiny Pokemon can be moved to Pokemon Home and used in other games.

Teddiursa Community Day Pokemon Go Shiny haul

Teddiursa Community Day Pokemon Go Shiny haul

It’s fun to catch Shinies during Community Days, but not everyone likes every featured species. Many people were confused and upset by Roggenrola, Alolan Geodude, and Starly’s past Community Days. But Galarian Zigzagoon, Deino, and Dratini are more popular and give Pokemon fans a better chance of getting a Shiny.

During the November Community Day event, players will have a chance to catch Teddiursa, a cute bear Pokemon. This event will happen at the same time as the Greedy Gluttons event, which is going on right now in Pokemon Go. Teddiursa is well-liked by many fans, even though it is shiny, and is known for its strong evolutions, Ursaring and Ursaluna.

Roseblood894 recently shared on Twitter a photo of a Pokemon Go player’s Shiny haul from the Teddiursa Community Day.

Even though it’s not unusual to get more than one Shiny during an event with better odds, getting two dozen is a big deal. The pictures show one silver and brown Ursaluna and 23 green Teddiursa. It’s not clear if the Ursaluna was caught during the Community Day research or if it evolved from another Shiny Teddiursa.

Niantic, the company that makes Pokemon Go, was happy for the Pokemon Go fan’s success and put a starstruck emoji in a comment below the post.

When Community Day starts in other parts of the world, Teddiursa fans will have the chance to get both its teddy bear-colored and Shiny green forms.

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