Tekken 8 Release Date 2023: Plot, Story, Gameplay, and More

Tekken 8 Release Date, Plot, Story, Gameplay, and More: It’s been a long seven years since the last Tekken game came out, but the series is one of the most important and famous in fighting game history.

That’s why September 2022’s announcement of Tekken 8 caused such a stir, and right here you’ll find all the information you need about the game.

Tekken 8 Release Date

Release date for Tekken 8

The amazing trailer above closes with “Stay Tuned” instead of a release window, even a very far off one. We’ll be honest—videogame release date optimists are probably new. This means you may realistically expect Tekken 8 in late 2023 or early 2024. That suggests the game is still a ways off, but a surprise reveal could change that.

Tekken 8: Plot & Story

The plot of Tekken can be difficult to follow (as is frequently the case in the fighting game genre), but the one and only trailer for Tekken 8 provides us some good indications of where the game is headed.

It shows a huge battle between Jin Kazama (the protagonist of the series) and his father Kazuya Mishima (who doesn’t look nearly as young as he is).

Again, the Devil Gene they share is likely to be at the center of the plot, with Jin trying to harness the power of the Gene for good despite its inherent instability. Of course, you’ll be able to communicate with a larger cast, and that in and of itself guarantees a pleasant and engaging narrative.

Tekken 8: Trailer

Tekken 8: Gameplay

The trailer may have moments that appear like an actual in-game battle, but the actual gameplay is different. This is the game engine in action, at 60 frames per second on the PS5, however the combat shown here is more of a cut scene than a representation of actual gameplay. In any case, it’s stunning to look at and likely represents the game’s final visual design in a respectable fashion. More impressively, it demonstrates several meaty attacks that get more powerful throughout the course of the fight.

We still need actual gameplay footage to properly get into how Tekken 8 will affect the game, but the stage being fought on is really dynamic and includes a lot of background features, so keep an eye out for those while you revisit.

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