The latest Famitsu release offers more Sonic Frontiers gameplay

The latest Famitsu release offers more Sonic Frontiers gameplay: Famitsu, which used to be called Famicom Tsshin, is a series of Japanese video game magazines brought by Kadokawa Game Linkage, which used to be called Gzbrain. Famitsu comes out both weekly and monthly, and it also has special issues that focus on a single console, video game company, or other topic. The original Famitsu magazine, Shkan Famits, is thought to be the most read and respected video game news magazine in Japan. The company started putting out the digital version of the magazine on BookWalker weekly on October 28, 2011.

The latest Famitsu release offers more Sonic Frontiers gameplay

The latest Famitsu release offers more Sonic Frontiers gameplay Overview

In Sonic the Hedgehog’s latest fast-paced adventure, different worlds are coming together! Sonic gets stuck on an old island full of strange creatures while looking for the missing Chaos emeralds. Fight hordes of strong enemies as you explore a world full of action, adventure, and mysteries. As you race across the five huge Starfall Islands, you can speed up to new heights and feel the thrill of high-speed, open-zone platforming freedom. Jump into an adventure, use the Ancients’ power, and fight to stop these new, mysterious enemies. Welcome to how Sonic games have changed over time!

Sonic Frontiers game Features

A new mystery-filled and exciting adventure: Become Sonic and go on a journey to find out what happened to the ruins of a lost civilization that were being attacked by robot hordes. Set out to save your friends and the strange people who live on the Starfall Islands from a huge, mechanical threat with only a few questions and a voice from nowhere to help you.

All-New Open Zone Platforming: Race across five huge overworld islands with dense forests, gushing waterfalls, and hot desert landscapes. Each island has its own action-platforming challenges and hidden secrets to find.

Unmatched High-Speed Freedom: Explore the Starfall Islands and find out what each one has to offer at speeds that only Sonic can provide. You can make your own path, find side quests, solve puzzles, climb huge structures, go fishing, and meet friendly people along the way.

Cyber-Powered Combat: Sonic has never seen any of the strange animals that live on the Starfall Islands before. Use the all-new battle system and skill tree upgrades to fight strategically, combining moves like dodges, parries, counters, combos, and the new Cyloop ability to take down mysterious enemies and huge titans.

Put Your Skills to the Test in Cyber Space: Find portals all over the island and enter Cyber Space levels through them. These levels feature Sonic’s trademark 3D platforming at high speed and are full of challenges to put your skills to the test.

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